World’s Greatest Drag Race 2 Unplugged!

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 30

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I take you behind the scenes of Motor Trend’s 2012 World’s Greatest Drag Race! Plus I bring you an exclusive “Unplugged” version of the race without any music– just the all-engine orchestra you didn’t get to hear… until now!

1,324 Responses to “World’s Greatest Drag Race 2 Unplugged!”

  1. Zachery Currier says:

    What’s the song Carlos is dancing to at the end of the video?

  2. joegengsta says:

    please get rid of this host -.-

  3. kairon singh says:

    Sick at the noise

  4. koingseggccxr9 says:

    You guys do agera r vs veyron ss

  5. Jack Costigan says:

    Why no Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?!?!

  6. snoop goatt says:

    ferrari f12

  7. Magda Ebri Leon says:

    mmm Woman And Veyron jajajajajaja

  8. HamadKadventures says:

    Where the fu*k is the Ferrari??? huh ?

  9. Nutns Panuwit says:

    3:20 Subrau

  10. borna mir alinaghi says:

    no cars have chance against gtr nismo

  11. borna mir alinaghi says:

    this year gtr gismo ll be against veyron, i guess all of you know who’s
    gonna win ;) )))

  12. borna mir alinaghi says:

    can you shut up already you don’t even know shit about cars lamb twin turbo
    v12 blah blah blah

  13. deivids mick says:

    they never put a buggati veyron

  14. Granit Ferati says:

    What is she talking about twin turbo v 12 . That lamborghini is naturaly

  15. nagina maqbool says:


  16. pim21764 says:

    what we really want, we want u to strip in front of the car

  17. Pablo Alemandi says:

    Shes fucked up haha tt aventador no no no this not an ugr aventador haha

  18. giorgos o griffin says:

    cant get hotter than the gt500, cant get any better enginnering than the gtr…

  19. anchu bravo says:


  20. Dhary P says:

    who was in zl1 kill em kill em

  21. Aaron Green says:

    But not the gt500

  22. Aaron Green says:

    But not the gt500

  23. king037fernandez says:

    I like the sound of the Lamborghini aventador

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