Up Close & Personal with Motor Trend’s Hosts

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 41

On this week’s episode of Wide Open Throttle, I meet up with some of my fellow show hosts to answer the viewers’ most popular questions.  Find out how each of us landed the job and learn where our love for the industry was born.

405 Responses to “Up Close & Personal with Motor Trend’s Hosts”

  1. RAMBQNER says:

    Amazing life stems from amazing opportunity, how you get there is up to

  2. excaliberization says:

    damn straight

  3. 317stinky says:


  4. GodWillShowUtheWay says:

    Something about Jessi is very REAL. She’s interesting.

  5. Quiz6556 says:

    A tundra, come on mr. hotrod go americana!

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