Top Speed Runs in Hennessey’s Camaro ZL1 & Ford GT

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The J-Turn – Episode 6

This week on The J-Turn, I flat-foot John Hennessey’s modified 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1 at the Texas Mile.  See if I’m able to reach John’s predicted top speed and whether Patrick O’Gorman can break the standing mile record in Hennessey’s camo-wrapped Ford GT.


129 Responses to “Top Speed Runs in Hennessey’s Camaro ZL1 & Ford GT”

  1. Howdy Dee says:

    “Fuckin Yeeeessss!” lol youre Jessi awesome, nice driving

  2. Howdy Dee says:

    I want Mr. Hennessey to do every car I own one day, go to the grocery store in a Hennessey Escalade, get a bottle of Hennessey lol

  3. Larry Howard says:
  4. kiddycat17 says:

    I was looking for a Hennessey ZL1 vid and was thrilled to see you take the wheel and get that adrenalin rush caught on camera!! What an amazing accomplishment Jessi!

  5. replicant2600 says:

    I think that IS a 2012 not a 2013, it has the older stereo. No big deal though..

  6. replicant2600 says:

    So I have a 2013 ZL1. I bought that shifter that has the ZL1 logo on it with the pistol grip. Come to find out that shifter doesn’t fit the 2013 only the 2012.. I’d like to know how they got it to fit… It’s a pretty cool shift knob. The only thing though is it made the short shift knob taller so I wonder if it ruined the shifting in the car.

  7. Young Sinatra says:

    $60k for the ZL1. And how much for the 750hp. Hennessey package? I’d love to see it go head to head with the 2014 Porsche GT3 around a race course.

  8. jacob mcmacerson says:

    Get the corvette out there see what happens.. Got a pony car with a supercharger vs a super car with a supercharger -_-

  9. gMemo092 says:

    Ford Oh yeah. Get some.

  10. Nehemie Mb says:

    Lmao I put that stuff on replay! I might turn it into a ring tone! Her energy is just amazing! Really appreciate! that!

  11. cowpieman12 says:

    Haha ford power

  12. cowpieman12 says:

    Um.. that lady tossed the f bomb..

  13. LUNAS13MILG says:

    My car (1996 modified 300zx) does 173 mph in the standing mile but that isn’t the point because I’m not saying it’s faster……but yes I do think I can out perform them and ha ha ha I play playstation bro

  14. MotorTrend says:

    Aying Fortuugo — you just made my week. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thank you for changing your mind.

  15. MotorTrend says:

    Thank you!!! It was such an awesome experience and I loved every minute! Thanks for watching and for writing!

  16. Stratking01 says:

    First time I ever saw John enthused about anything and be goofy, lol. He usually looks pretty firm and serious. That ZL1 sounded mean as all hell topped out too!

  17. SmokedLucifer says:

    damn that ford gt is fast

  18. thebeatlesrule1970 says:

    (I’m talking about the Hennessey ZL1)

  19. thebeatlesrule1970 says:

    Was the traction control on? There was surprisingly little amounts of wheel spin. Either that or you have amazing car control.

  20. Эдуард Гато says:

    @tohficq yep. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen to this, ive seen this car selling rediculously cheap on this site. i got it from here. you can also try it >>

  21. MrThehardway says:

    Outstanding, the ZL1 is definitely king muscle car right now…

  22. NOVAL ALFA says:

    saab at 2:32 wtf

  23. boostedevoviii says:

    180 in one mile isnt that big of a deal cars are going 210 plus in the half mile

  24. Sean Ragbir says:

    love when she said ‘fucking yes’
    she is soo perfect :’( lol

  25. Jeremy Geatches says:

    I would love to have that car! It sounds awesome! What was with the shifter? It looked like a knife handle.

  26. devan cheesman says:

    jessi you are perfect

  27. jmpalicz palicte says:


  28. AKLtokill says:

    did anyone get stuck at 9:14?…. (^_^)

  29. uselessXLZ says:

    whoa,300 KPH in 1.6 kilometers!


  30. Aying Fortuugo says:

    When i first saw this video i thought “oh great, a girl driving my favorite car…yet another person to do injustice.” (There are a lot of moms driving camaros where i live so i get bitter when i see it haha) But damn!! Jessi drove the crap out of that car!! Well done, i now have a different view on girl drivers..if they’re doing it right of course haha

  31. Neil GoodKnight says:

    4;47 BEAUTIFUL

  32. Mrtmh2duggy says:

    Jessi you’re probably the best car reporter on the interwebs because of your enthusiasim

  33. John Specht says:

    I notice how the naysayers have left. Your passion and exuberance bid them a hasty retreat. This is what giving someone with talent and passion support provides. Great content!

  34. Edgard Sulyma says:

    Awesome a Subaru was there!

  35. bototheone1 says:

    Jessi drove the shit out of that Camaro.

  36. SOLDTONORM says:

    Stupid music…would like to hear the car.

  37. phillip kerfoot says:

    we need more women like jessi lang.

  38. MotorTrend says:

    You single-handedly made my day. Thank you for that!

  39. MotorTrend says:

    Thanks, Jason!

  40. Matt Vonada says:

    They never maxed the Venom, Rumored if they had enough space it could hit 280. Correct me if im wrong though but im pretty sure another ford GT hit high 270s around the same time

  41. 706superman9 says:

    Do some research on that saab….

  42. riflemanpro says:

    I just found it funny to see ZR1′s and Hennessy tuned Camaro’s and Mustangs’s then just see a Saab 91. I now know it is a 495 horse sleeper that ran 194 i think. Ha!

  43. aandres pinch says:

    F@#$%&G YES! LOL Great job JESS.

  44. Wesley Miller says:


  45. Jason Lanigan says:

    Killer job Jessi !

  46. Allen Rodgers says:

    how do you get a dream job like that?

  47. MajorLeagueRacingHD says:

    She really did HAHA!

  48. sebastienh78 says:

    I hope my new born baby girl will turn out a car enthusiast like you Jessi, because I am, and it will make her dad proud. Love all your work!

  49. mjgjr706 says:

    She drops the F bomb at 9:15 did anyone else catch that? She is pumped

  50. Tommy Cleary says:

    Jessi Lang is the sexist car girl on earth.

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