Driving the Tesla Model S & Touring Tesla’s Factory

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Wide Open Throttle – Episode 22

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I report from the Tesla facility on the day of the long-awaited rollout of the Model S, the world’s first premium all-electric sedan and the car on which the company’s future now depends.  Then, Frank Markus gets exclusive one-on-one time with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Chief Designer Franz Von Holzhausen as he tours the Tesla factory and gets behind the wheel of the car that Tesla is hoping will galvanize the world’s transition from internal combustion engines to electric mobility.

2,464 Responses to “Driving the Tesla Model S & Touring Tesla’s Factory”

  1. Kaniso Koaga says:

    The reason I will never buy a Tesla is becuase they are anti-European,
    Tesla fans constantly attack European brands. Shove your car where the sun
    doesn’t shine.

  2. Kaniso Koaga says:

    after their #fuckgermany and #fuckbelgium campaigns because they got beat
    at soccer


  3. Daniel Stevens says:

    I want one

  4. colin1235421 says:

    Go Elon!!! Proudly South African!

  5. lynxtouch says:


  6. hangarek says:

    Best video from Tesla factory… !!!

  7. Louis McKnight says:

    Love to drive the car, to see for my self, but some time I forget to plug
    in my phone so to remember to plug in my car I don’t know

  8. rpgfightin4ever says:

    well, actually, i could not understand why electric cars cost so much.
    Electric motor is probably less than a one third price of combustion
    engine, and battery pack is around 10k $. So 20k $ should be the highest
    price of luxury variant.

  9. Robert Sharples says:

    What happened to Jessie?

  10. bermudaguy1 says:

    So Jessi, how do you darken the roots of your hair like that….cool!

  11. David Duthinh says:

    I just might get a model S performance series rather than my Nissan GTR

  12. Gregory Bryant says:

    Awesome. and definitely a step in the right direction. But electricity
    is far from “exhaust-free”. If I drive one here in VA my electricity is
    most likely coming from coal.

  13. Don S says:

    Test drove a model S yesterday. Absolutely the most impressive acceleration
    I have ever experienced! I just wish I could afford one!

  14. Electric Cars says:

    Flashback to driving the 2012 Tesla Motors Model S – When the Tesla was

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