Remembering Automotive Legend Sergio Pininfarina

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 24

On this week’s episode of Wide Open Throttle, I take a look back at the storied career of Sergio Pininfarina, an Italian automotive industrialist who influenced the automotive industry at large and produced many of the designs for which Ferrari is best known.


392 Responses to “Remembering Automotive Legend Sergio Pininfarina”

  1. nm6942 nm6942 says:

    I finally got around to seeing this peace. Great job Jessi, great designer

  2. darren1naudi says:

    At 4:21 the pics of the cars shown are Bertone designs, not Pininfarina.

  3. ScarletSnake says:

    No car has ever beat the sheer beauty, elegance and sex appeal of the
    Testarossa in my opinion. A legendary designer indeed.

  4. John Talbot says:

    Great tribute to a great man…. however he would be annoyed at the footage
    at 4:24 as all the cars in this graphic are by his arch enemy Bertone and
    not pininfarina (Fiat x1/9, dino gt4, Muira…etc). Or perhaps he would
    have laughed……

  5. Matt Clanton says:

    1974 Fiat 124 Spider

  6. Gus Gomksdkh says:

    He was a great designer, but the 250 gto it’s not his creation. Was Gioto
    Bizarrini and Sergio Scaglieti. Maybe you have to do a well research before
    to put that title in your video. Shame.

  7. Adam Othman says:

    the 250 california spyder they showed is a replica… i know theres so many
    car vids to make and record but this vid is a disgrace… not only is the
    information incorrect as the name was farina.. and pinin was a nickname
    given to batista who changed the name from stablimenti farina to
    pininfarina. but its full of other inaccuracies of sorts. they have not
    paid respects to sergio but rather disrespected him by doing a horrible job

  8. Adam Othman says:

    says 250 got then the first pic is a swb…

  9. HANKASH112 says:

    these people can never be replaced !!!!!

  10. florida carbuff says:

    He is a genius, testarossa is by far one of my favorite ferraris of all

  11. 4rephill says:

    Oh dear! – What a poor tribute!

    As others have previously stated, the Ferrari 250 GTO was designed
    completely in-house! Pininfarina had nothing to do with it whatsoever!
    (and the first car they show@2:11 is a 250 SWB not a GTO!).

    As for the catalogue of cars @4:22: They’re all Bertone designs! – One of
    Pininfarina’s biggest rivals!

    Very poor attention to detail!

  12. Matt Norfolk says:

    Sadly, his eldest son Andrea predeceased him. Both he and Sergio were my bosses for a short while, when I worked at the Grugliasco office, in Turin (shown at approx. 1:57). They were both gentlemen from a different era and they always had time to stop and chat. Nice, tribute video. Good job!

  13. Darren Says says:

    i just found out there was one designer responsible for the some of the ugliest cars in the world

  14. Cyrus HighlineExoticCars says:
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  16. RickyG805 says:

    Mustangs suck dick as it is nobody would care

  17. SuperniusPL says:

    Great video. Sergio has created a Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari Enzo, 250 LM and 275 GTB, the Peugeot 406 Coupe, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, Morris in 1100. Thank you for everything.

  18. timeforachange12 says:

    Did Sergio designed this girl, she’s stunning…

  19. mark marshall says:

    damn them are good looking cars

  20. Blair Piper says:

    Ian Callum might’ve made a name for himself by possibly doing the impossible. That F-Type looks fantastic, and it wasn’t designed in the middle of a dark night like its predecessor

  21. A Ec says:


  22. Searayist says:

    Bertone is Pininfarina’s studio,something like Toyota -Lexus relation.

  23. Zilvia Torres says:

    Jessi is an awesome host..

  24. gpxjimmy says:


  25. speedcontrol21 says:

    anybody knows where I can get some more information of pininfarina maybe also in german?

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  29. V12carlover says:

    no one cares

  30. Tejas Tasgaonkar says:

    These “You sir” comments are getting pretty fucking annoying.

  31. peter455sd says:

    Carrol Shelby,Pininfarina,Larry Shinoda,Bill Mitchell,all dead,we’re screwed,the new “designers” were raised in the backseat of a Honda Accord,no wonder cars look like jellybeans nowadays…

  32. V12carlover says:

    You sir are a moron

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  34. dwangelo says:

    4:22 – uh, those are Bertone cars. Nice work, Motor Trend.

  35. rocketdog2116 says:

    Horacio Pagani

  36. Tim Hitt says:

    are you kidding me? no comparison overhauling give me a break!

  37. Tim Hitt says:

    this man was a genius who built beautiful cars may he r.i.p.

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  39. suchgr8hieghts says:

    she is a BABE!

  40. AllTeredstatement says:

    diffinitly it wont be just one persons design it will be a team of em working there skills like walt disney. i kniw that discription sucks but my cominication level is slighly circuler and to the point metaphoricly speaking.

  41. omar0417 says:

    are you serious ? Done get me wrong, Chip F is a great car tuner and designer, but by no means compares to Pininfarina….


    *WOT Chronicles the Life and Times of the Late Designer Sergio *

    Sergio Pininfarina’s influence stretched outside the realm of cars, though,
    as he pursued a career in European politics and earned four honorary
    degrees during his lifetime. He helped shape Italian government as much as
    he helped shape an industry’s style and direction. From the Ferrari
    Testarossa to the Audi Fox, he designed what people drove. The next logical
    question to ask is whether another designer will ever have as much
    influence as him in the auto industry.

    YouTube Link: Sergio Pininfarina – Designer of the Ferrari 250 GTO, Dino &
    Testarossa – Wide Open Throttle Ep. 24


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