Ramming, Pit Maneuvers, & High-Speed Shootouts in a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS

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On this episode of The J-Turn, I get schooled on counter-terrorism driving tactics in the Executive Protection course at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.  Under the instruction of Darren Law, I spend two days learning how to ram blockades, take out other vehicles, avoid accidents, and escape life-threatening situations using a variety of driving maneuvers.  At the end of the course, Darren puts my knowledge to the test in a simulated shootout; check out the video to find out whether I escape unscathed.


405 Responses to “Ramming, Pit Maneuvers, & High-Speed Shootouts in a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS”

  1. hulkhatepunybanner says:

    I might decide to leave MY late-70s T-bird home and drive my 3-series some
    days. In the event I am trapped by another man’s T-bird will my Bimmer will
    be able to ram it out of the way?

  2. Jared Quick says:

    i feel like they cut a bunch out

  3. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead says:

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  4. Ian McDonald says:

    Not only that but most cars have an inertia switch that shuts off the fuel pump. The same type of switch that deploys an airbag but is more sensitive.

  5. 00cel says:

    pretty sure it was already junked lol

  6. rob heijkant says:

    They have to put such a training in a game like gt7, fm6 or dirt showdown 2

  7. Jon LeSouef says:

    What the Close Protection team does is cut off the Airbag. That stops it from blowing in your face when you ram a car/ checkpoint, etc…. There are also other modifications that they make to the car that makes it “unsafe” but practical. Please people, DO NOT TRY THIS!

  8. Jourdan Robinson says:

    Heh, I wish I was that instructor…

    Seriously though, great episode. Really interesting stuff, and I kinda do wish I was that instructor, or at least at the driving school.

  9. MrRoyalrobbins says:

    more important even: the fuel pump is shut down as soon as the airbag ecu triggers….

  10. nicksuprabravesfan says:

    Man, what a waste of an e30…

  11. htweelz says:

    What a line…I’m shot jump on my lap and drive the car Jesse… ;)

  12. gggromay says:

    So what did Darren say?

  13. BiGMoFFen says:

    they fucked

  14. laskalives says:

    i remember when i learned how to do the pit maneuver…..in need for speed when people had faster cars than me (:

  15. Michael Hintaing says:

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  16. hugglescake says:

    So I’m driving down the road and the driver is shot and killed. What do EYE do? I unbelt him, open the door and push him out. Let the dead bury the dead.

  17. divizionx says:


  18. krirks says:

    Jessi you looks better with straight hair

  19. zeckdahl says:

    Things were getting pretty saucy there at the beginning

  20. packofhounds says:

    The extra rounds on the shotgun sidesaddle at 1:13 are “upside down”. The brass should be facing down to pull out quickly and reload. The way the guy has his equals “I got shot wasting time trying to awkwardly pull these rounds out from the top”.

  21. 390merc65 says:

    77/79 tbirds much be cheap and easy to come by in cali

  22. FriendsPride says:

    A man shot himself many times to have a lap dance ; )

  23. jsinclair39 says:

    Jessie can get on it anytime!

  24. PakiJuggernaut says:

    and now jessi is pit maneuvering cars on the highway for fun lol

  25. Tommy Cleary says:

    damn bell bottoms

  26. Jay Tyan says:

    hahaha oh man i love that pretty green ’70s mercury, and it keeps ramming that other car while nothing happens to it XD

  27. biscuitninja says:

    Completely! LOL!

  28. Dburger62 says:

    Poor T-bird :(

  29. venom5809 says:

    That guy is a brilliant perv.

  30. THEFUNTIMES247 says:

    He just wanted her on his lap, good way to do it too

  31. Dongskie2 says:

    Thank you for this video, I just got a free lesson :-)

  32. partyguy9 says:

    more like movie stunt driving school

  33. the6cow6god6 says:

    jessi your my hero!
    i want to race you on a course

  34. FasterLap says:


  35. MotorTrend says:

    That’s a great question. I’ll ask Darren and will get back to you.

  36. MotorTrend says:

    Visit their website, give them a call, and tell them The J-Turn sent you; you just might get a handsome discount…

  37. عاشق نيسان says:


  38. carlosastar001 says:

    Fuck Nixon

  39. giniggerbreadman says:

    forreal. Arent they supposed to com out every2 weeks?

  40. FunkMasterD MoreFire says:

    Jump on the mans lap woman and talk about whatever comes up

  41. icouldntmakeupaname2 says:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. He was enjoying that way too much

  42. mthebex says:

    the J-turn is Jesse getting hit on by a different dude every episode

  43. Jahed Shakoory says:

    i already knw how to destroy road blocks

  44. porsche997c says:

    Jessi looks like Sarah Conner in Judgement Day

  45. DucDucSTFU says:

    poor e30

  46. krasp28 says:

    Does anybody else thing that the ‘dead man driving’ drill was just him trying to get her to sit on his lap? haha

  47. VOLSMan365 says:

    Jessi will you marry me

  48. Matthew stud says:

    I just wanted to get on it ! Damn !!

  49. ramairgto72 says:

    3:18 lets try that again with us naked ..

  50. Eduards Jašs says:

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