Rally Racing 101 in the Subaru WRX STI

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The J-Turn: Episode 8

On this episode of The J-Turn, I head to Washington state for my first foray into rally driving at Dirt Fish Rally School.  There, Don Wooten teaches me the fundamentals of rally car control in the school’s 2007 Subaru WRX STI, whose 4-cylinder, turbocharged engine produces 300+ horsepower.

From the skidpad to the slalom and The Boneyard, I try my hand at every course and, by the end of the day, declare myself ready for The Wedge. Situated as a full rally stage, The Wedge offers real rally driving, and making one mistake can equate to wrapping your car around a tree.  Find out what happens when I head out onto the challenging circuit and see how effectively I’m able to apply my newfound rally knowledge.

84 Responses to “Rally Racing 101 in the Subaru WRX STI”

  1. rYaN hENDRICKS says:

    It’s not Seattle

  2. rYaN hENDRICKS says:

    The place it is at is at the old cedar mill in snoqualmie

  3. MrOmgalexiscool says:

    Is there a school for this in california !!

  4. didafm says:

    I wonder if any of the other editors hit her

  5. listentocKy0893 says:

    Jessi you are the girl of every mans dreams !

  6. AirMechMoto says:

    Jessi now you know how to do rally you have to learn DRIFTING!!

  7. ADarkerBreed says:

    This is awesomely badass, any idea why they chose WRXs versus Evos? Both are great for the job.

  8. mrmahoosive says:

    Love it but the thumbs in the steering wheel is winding me up

  9. LadyofLumley says:

    Jessi, you’re ten kinds of awesome. Thanks for the awesome videos and presentation!

  10. chase lupex says:

    i wonder who did this before… cough… cough… tuned

  11. Jimbofrank1 says:

    he said great transmission…lol he’s funny

  12. YanezAlfredo says:

    Jessi is such a cool chick.

  13. 9083465 says:

    Ken Block is actually a rather bad rally driver, he is pretty good at gymkhana which is where he got his popularity from.

  14. Jesse Reuter says:

    this episode would be a lot cooler if Ken Block taught Jessi how to rally race. but still a cool vid. good driving Jess!

  15. MotorTrend says:

    Best feedback ever! Thanks for watching!

  16. MotorTrend says:

    Many thanks!

  17. MotorTrend says:

    So glad to hear it!

  18. bobkin611 says:

    Then don’t watch. you obviously don’t have the patience for good videos.

  19. NisMoses1 says:

    I wish people would stop lowering their subarus to the point where they cant take speedbumps. There is no rush like drifting through rally-like conditions!

  20. SwPiotrek says:


  21. MotorTrend says:

    I think that’s a great idea. Thanks for the feedback! Brainstorming now in progress…

  22. MotorTrend says:

    So glad to hear it!

  23. gbennin says:

    Guy below me can’t even spell “Lancer” correctly.

  24. Ramon Santiago says:

    Lanser evo cant conpete eith the wrx sti

  25. The Keener Car Guy says:

    Oh and in Mooresville, NC, where I work they literally do drive stock
    Nascars on the street sometimes, they have police escorts but they are
    still on the street.

  26. Pip2andahalf says:

    I drive and love my subaru… But DAM evos are fast! :)

  27. Tim Mcguire says:

    That place is soo expensive

  28. ymyd4 says:

    For all the idiotic teenagers, you need to learn to brake for the first few
    yesrs then accelerate

  29. Michael Parker says:

    That’s amazing, Jessi! You just made my day <:3

  30. Hunter Hambrick says:

    +Jordan Ferguson beautiful impreza

  31. Mario Juarez says:

    but she wears them so good lol

  32. jibawakee says:

    Whats the intro song

  33. Michael Gerstl says:

    More fun Subaru Rally stuff.

  34. Jp D says:

    Jessi tell us… How Much Do You Love Your Job?! ;)

  35. Robert king says:

    check it on kingwing.nl

  36. peter lopez says:

    ~8:00 driving orgasims

  37. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Don Wooten is my brother from another mother!

  38. enisylo says:

    I wasn’t referring to car insurance. A service/business like this would
    probably need some fairly substantial professional insurance.

  39. fikes73 says:

    Good video Jessi, all good except the choice to wear bell bottoms haha ;-)

  40. معتصم عبدالرحمن says:

    gs gs gs gs gaas

  41. Nuno Cardoso says:

    Jessi Lang, Ur my Dream Woman…

  42. Trenchluv says:

    Jessi how tall are you dang you must be tiny!

  43. steve6493 says:

    I had second thoughts about whether i’d enjoy this video, but i’m glad i
    clicked through, it was entertaining, interesting, and Jessi your laugh is
    absolutely infectious. great vid!

  44. MasterZee91 says:

    Gas gas gas gas gas GAS GAS GAS!

  45. Laurie Harper says:

    Want to do this; have wanted to do this for 20+ years… I have *got* to go
    find a rally school :-)

  46. Pyr01 says:

    i have never even seen those here in merica but again would you learn

  47. Lawrence German says:

    Dirtfish Rally School

  48. Lawrence German says:

    DirtFish Rally School

  49. Car Channel says:

    #car #auto Rally Racing 101 in the Subaru WRX STI! – The J-Turn Episode 8

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