Racing Stock Cars with Tyler McQuarrie & Learning to Master a Jericho Dog Box

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The J-Turn: Episode 13

On this episode of The J-Turn, I load up the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition and head up the California coast with a few of my colleagues from Bike Magazine. Starting in Los Angeles, we road trip more than 400 miles north to Sonoma Raceway to drive a full bore V8 stock car and attempt to master its 4-speed Jericho dog box transmission. My stock car instructor for the day at Simraceway Performance Driving Center is Tyler McQuarrie, a professional race car driver known for competing in a diverse array of motorsports events, from NASCAR to Formula Drift to The American Le Mans Series.  In addition to recently starting his own drifting team, he’s also a driving instructor and has trained accomplished racers such as Scott Speed, JR Hildebrand, Bill Elliott, Scott Riggs, Stanton Barrett, Regan Smith, and Luis Diez.

59 Responses to “Racing Stock Cars with Tyler McQuarrie & Learning to Master a Jericho Dog Box”

  1. Stray Kots says:

    I totally feel you on stature! A lot of cars accommodate for being small, but there are ones that need a few encyclopedias just to reach things, and see over the dash XD!

  2. fastskynet says:


  3. MotorTrend says:

    Thanks for clarifying, PWPost. I’ve just always favored function over form, comfort over aesthetics (especially when driving)! I know my jeans aren’t popular, but I’m okay with that. That being said, I hear you (and all the others!) and I’ll try to mix it up in the future.

  4. c4rlosv8 says:


  5. bua hailsu says:

    woow hes killing his gears

  6. n0ob0nst1lts says:

    how can you care about what shes wearing when shes that attractive ?

  7. quay32spencer says:

    Need a tech

  8. NinjaWee says:

    where exactly is the “stock cars” part

  9. 24jimmy48 says:

    Actually NASCAR is very advanced on the inside when it comes to the top 3 series
    Truck, Grand National, Cup Series
    Everything can be managed in the car from a flip of a switch
    7 Different tachs and up to 12 different switches and settings of the car from the dash
    900+ HP
    0-100 in less than 6 sec.

    The car featured here was actually a Late Model with Goodyear Eagle’s

  10. WafflesOrFrenchToast says:

    Nothin like sticking some mountain bikes to the top of your gtr on your way to go stock car racing

  11. cycodre says:

    With a personality and a face like that who cares what you’re wearing! Rock on with the bell bottom jeans! :)

  12. John Dove says:

    That has to be a somewhat frustrating process of learning how to downshift that transmission without the clutch… and not being able to reach the pedals.

  13. althejazzman says:

    Surely he could have taught her the downshifting a bit better. Slow down the process so the student can understand it. This is how I understand clutchless downshifting:

    1) Increase throttle a small amount to release pressure on gear stick
    2) Push gear stick into Neutral
    3) Further Increase throttle to make engine faster than gearbox
    4) Release foot off throttle so engine revs fall
    5) Quickly slot stick into gear

  14. althejazzman says:

    Guess which!

  15. GlassTopRX7 says:

    Maybe he thought the swimsuit was a better idea too…

  16. GlassTopRX7 says:

    Maybe he thought the swimsuit was a better idea too…

  17. GlassTopRX7 says:

    Maybe he thought the swimsuit was a better idea too…

  18. poolsk8r says:

    Nice video. Good to see a car reviewer actually learning something new and not acting like a know it all. Wow, must’ve been fun to learn that transmission. Any car on a road course = awesome.

  19. PWPost says:

    No! I see some people with some truly nasty comments toward you. This is not one of them. I think you are doing a great job, just tired of seeing you in bell bottom jeans xoxox :)

  20. MrDumptyTheDeadman says:

    At least these cars still use manual transmissions, not those stupid paddle shifting non-sense boxes.

  21. setra23 . says:

    Either Jessi is tiny or the GTR is freaking huge.

  22. MotorTrend says:

    Critiques of my clothing :(

  23. theblacklines says:

    It’s never “San Fran” – it’s called “The City”, or “San Francisco”. Never San Fran or Frisco.

  24. Wojtek Figurniak says:

    Awesome, thank you! Awesome, you guys were awesome :D

  25. Craig Carson says:


  26. USPATRIOT96 says:

    Honestly your comment doesn’t even matter because that’s not what the whole
    episode was about.

  27. AllRepair says:

    stock car racing should only be on the dirt.

  28. big pito says:

    instructer wanted to bang her also

  29. SwPiotrek says:

    It’s interesting to see how nascar cars work.

  30. David Pate says:

    That looks like so much fun!

  31. Vithush Ganesh says:

    I choose all of the above

  32. stiliqn007 says:

    because… GTR

  33. Respect Is Key says:

    when the dude was driving that is haha

  34. Wilmar Garcia says:
  35. limpkit2011 says:

    The Gears Are FUCKED

  36. ThatOneCoolKid1000 says:

    Why the fuck was the GTR even in this video?

  37. sorooshusa says:

    So back then people would modify their stock cars to outrun cops and then
    they called their cars stock? its like turbo charging an NA car and calling
    it, NA! Stupid.

  38. Joe Cregan says:

    I heard the word awesome like 18 times. Lol

  39. chris lucy says:

    Your building my dream Jessie, you rock!

  40. runinthebuff says:

    Love the J-turn. It’s the poor student’s driving instruction with some
    awesome cars.

  41. Damicske says:

    J-turn and Roadkill favorites :p

  42. MrDumptyTheDeadman says:

    Great video, good job driving that stock car Jessi.

  43. steinarne79 says:

    Is she tiny or is the car HUGE?!

  44. 89Trashmaster says:

    damn that is very nice shifting, awesome sound. Very cool episode Jessi.
    Jessi how tall are you?

  45. Bartow Santa says:

    Great instructor. He found what she did right before telling her what she
    did wrong and then did not make her feel stupid for doing it. Good job.

  46. Mike Vassolas says:

    That stupid moment when you just realized that they call this show the
    J-Turn is because Jessi hosts it…

  47. jdpdk says:

    A GTR and Jessy? you made my day:D

  48. ONLYJOKING101 says:

    Bit of random video,sticking a bike rack on a GTR and then taking the same
    GTR track edition to a a race track and then not having it go on the track.

  49. microstorm . says:

    Little girl, big car… where’s the problem? :p

  50. Car Channel says:

    #car #auto Road Tripping the GT-R to Race Stock Cars with Tyler McQuarrie!
    The J-Turn Ep. 13

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