Racing Stock Cars with Tyler McQuarrie & Learning to Master a Jericho Dog Box

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The J-Turn: Episode 13

On this episode of The J-Turn, I load up the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition and head up the California coast with a few of my colleagues from Bike Magazine. Starting in Los Angeles, we road trip more than 400 miles north to Sonoma Raceway to drive a full bore V8 stock car and attempt to master its 4-speed Jericho dog box transmission. My stock car instructor for the day at Simraceway Performance Driving Center is Tyler McQuarrie, a professional race car driver known for competing in a diverse array of motorsports events, from NASCAR to Formula Drift to The American Le Mans Series.  In addition to recently starting his own drifting team, he’s also a driving instructor and has trained accomplished racers such as Scott Speed, JR Hildebrand, Bill Elliott, Scott Riggs, Stanton Barrett, Regan Smith, and Luis Diez.

59 Responses to “Racing Stock Cars with Tyler McQuarrie & Learning to Master a Jericho Dog Box”

  1. Branko Vujaklija says:

    “OK” :D

  2. nieminen96 says:

    That car sounds amazing when accelerating :o

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  5. John Specht says:

    I also should say “done” not “don”. Oh well hope my point came across in spite of my language skills.

  6. John Specht says:

    Should say “due to their body size” not “do”.

  7. John Specht says:

    Amazing video! Great for people to learn how a professional teaches. I think this applies to so many situations. Your instructor shows how to give constructive feedback and you demonstrate how patience, and humour, and excellent listening skills work together in learning new skills. I also second Stray Kots comment on stature. You speak for many who do not think that they can do these things do to their body size. You show it can be don. Thank you

  8. Nuno Marques says:

    The upshifts are allways smoother than the downshifts … if you had driven in anger any superbike you would have mastered the downshifts 1st time around .
    Nonetheless congratulations because everyone in your shoes would have stalled the car just driving out of pitlane . And yes the jeans will allways be more confortable and non distracting …. keep up your good work !

  9. solidXxXtuna says:

    Hallo I am looking for the Jessi in a race suit wallpaper plzkthx.
    The fact that the worst insult thrown at you on youtube was about your jeans means you’re practically beloved.
    Good driving yo. Couldn’t figure out Tyler’s hand signals. He was telling you to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time?

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