Porsche 918 Spyder: A Technically Ambitious Supercar

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 Wide Open Throttle Episode 12

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I check in with Motor Trend’s Paul Horrell, who headed to Italy’s Nardo test track to get under the skin of Porsche’s very first rolling chassis 918 Spyder prototype.  What are your thoughts?  Is Porsche taking a gamble by expanding their hybrid lineup?

Plus Motor Trend’s Nate Martinez scores an exclusive walk-around with BMW’s open-top performance hybrid concept, the i8 Concept Spyder.

300 Responses to “Porsche 918 Spyder: A Technically Ambitious Supercar”

  1. Luis Reventon says:

    The i8 is not impressive at all. only 30 miles? and really slow. To top it
    with looking weird.

  2. kamil kowalski says:

    body shape of i8 probably will be basics for new bmw supercar it will be
    hybrid with twin turbo v8 with electric motor will produce 680 hp and more
    than 800 nm 0-62 in 2.6 top speed 211 mph price 230.000 $ it will probably
    call 1M like old bmw supercar and wil come on market in 2016

  3. ImSerious81 says:

    Damn, jessi is sexy!!!

  4. ImSerious81 says:

    Damn, jessi is sexy!!!

  5. Bostongreekone malaka says:


  6. SGGJMDSC says:

    The porsche will be 800,000

  7. kaos izm says:

    witch proves lafarrari is over priced. performance wise & hybrid technology make them in the same catagory. and porsche will deliver simular if not the same performance numbers for a more realistic price tag as usual.

  8. kaos izm says:

    way to early to say that.. come september to see real comparison drives. were the P1 & farrari mite have a higher top speed (witch most of us will never need or use) the 918 is more advanced in terms of hybrid and technology, and a more realistic price tag.

  9. MisterPeetBull says:

    I’d like to have unprotected sex with her

  10. G5Beatz1 says:

    I hope BMW reads this…That car is ugly

  11. SGGJMDSC says:

    the 918 doesn’t compete with the laFerrari, la Ferrari is 2 and a half million quid

  12. SGGJMDSC says:

    You must be insane in what way is it mediocre

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  15. WolffeGaming says:

    Porsche is overpriced for a mediocre product.

  16. Brookshiii says:

    Its got a motor in the front and the rear, this isn’t for show this bitch is strictly performance

  17. MrJeChou says:

    what about the new NSX?

  18. 天聪 徐 says:

    918 just got nailed by lefarrari and mclaren p1

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  21. hulkhatepunybanner says:

    Porsche must have the snobbiest accountants in Germany. To increase sales they added a wagon and a hatchback sedan. (Crickey!) A better way to increase sales AND build a future customer base would be to create an entry level model like the 914. Younger fans would have been able to afford it and get hooked on it. In the future they’d buy more expensive models when their salaries increased. At $50k, the Boxster is NOT an entry level car.

  22. Wes Maaskant says:

    The 918 is a fantastic vehicle

  23. frozenskipper says:

    But they don’t. Not even in the 918. The gas motor is doing the heavy lifting. I guess torque is cool though..

  24. Deathbytaco Brenden says:

    I like hybrids when stupidly large electric motors help the car go really fast

  25. frozenskipper says:


  26. Broski7203 says:

    Most technically ambitious?

    Citroen DS?…

  27. GreyHound Wolf says:

    The BMW at the half end I don’t really like the looks on it except the front

  28. kokogro says:

    i don’t care about ur porsche, just show me your blonde haired pussy bitch

  29. frozenskipper says:

    Yeah right..

  30. rvmvadati says:

    I cant wait to get my hands on her!

  31. emireitor says:

    loving the hat, viva colombia hpta!

  32. XxTCOBBxX720xX says:

    I think this BMW is not really an eye catcher because it doesn’t have outstanding performance at all and obviously not the best fuel economy compared to say the tesla model s. And you know this BMW is going to be pretty darn expensive and if im gonna spend some serious cash on a car I either want serious ferrari like performance or great fuel efficiency, not just “shades” of both. Now if a car had performance and awesome fuel effeciency then it will catch my eye


    no i cant agree with you there bmw have always priced their vehicles above that of upper mid class, to be honest i would never bother buying a bmw anyway, the cost to repair such a vehicle in australia, and the overall look and drive of their cars, if i had that kind of money id get a car much more suited to my tastes, like a 69 camaro, or 70 charger, you know a real driving machine.

  34. Germany2Australia says:

    well its a concept only, have you been to auto shows? the end products look nothing like that or will be supercars.
    and by the way, they are doing an “i3″, which will be exactly what youre asking for ;) affordable for the people! not for everyone tho, I mean, its a bmw, they simply are upper mid-class-cars

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  37. Khalif Jones says:

    Check out Tesla motors

  38. JasonTyberiusKirk says:

    What do you mean? What is W.A.T.?

  39. Chill4an says:

    W.A.T? r u fucking kidding me?

  40. JasonTyberiusKirk says:

    Now Youtube is using this Facebook styled shit? So much for the pretense of anonymity.

  41. pikachupowers says:

    Get your brain dead ass outta here

  42. pikachupowers says:

    A little more then a fuckwit.

  43. skgoavideos says:

    Yeah, that’s what makes that comment so hilarious. “Y U NO misspronounce stuff as I do???” :D

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  45. Zomgar2340 says:

    Do you have ANY sense of what an accent is, or that there other languages than just the English language…?

  46. Timothy wang says:

    LOL fucking retard. Do your research before you try and teach others… Porsche is german and is pronounced “Porsha”. Peter Porsche himself pronounces his name as “porsha” and and not “porsh”


    i find it funny that he is actually having a go at someone who works for the company, and by the sounds of it hes been working there for sometime, and yet the owen guy has the audacity to correct him, it truly is a hilarity in of itself.


    i think BMW is trying to hard to make something to advanced to quickly, Porsche have it right not going much for looks but for internals, BMW try to hard to make it look like something out of the Jetsons. although the concept is good the product from BMW is actually kind of disappointing, realistically they should be working on something regular people will be ABLE to afford that looks good and doesn’t look like a prius, or wannabe transformer. and has room for the shopping.

  49. sewshiestrip says:

    Eat a cactus and die.

  50. oyamandanieller says:

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