Motorcycle Riding 101: Earning the M1 License

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On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I learn the intricacies of the laws of physics in my first motorcycle training course.  Find out how I fare on two wheels and see if I earn my M1 license!

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  1. ShokoLied says:

    WAIT. Isn’t shifting the bike down to first while breaking going to take
    away time from the rider in a real emergency? If you’re shifting down to
    come into first while also applying rear break, if there’s a sh*tty
    situation coming up to the light, that’s extra time that you don’t have to
    react and save your skin. IMHO, focus on breaking and bring the bike to a
    stop, then downshift. If SH*T is about to hit the fan coming up to a light,
    DITCH THE BIKE. Remember you need to know about the vehicles in front of
    you AND BEHIND your when coming to a stop. Many motorists will just run you
    over from behind because they’re distracted and don’t even see you at the
    light. If you’re downshifting and all that jazz, that’s less reaction time
    to all the possible threats you could otherwise have had time to negate.
    Let’s face it, if there’s immediate danger (Usually FAR too late to ride to
    safety), odds are your best bet to safety would be abandoning ship rather
    than trying to maneuver the bike out of the situation. Remember, bikes
    weigh a lot, cars weigh a LOT, trucks weigh a LOOOOT. If a car is coming at
    you, do you really want to take the chance of having a motorcycle AND a car
    crushing you? Rather than that just ditch the bike as fast as possible and
    get away from anything with a wheel. Death or life on two wheels can be
    determined by fraction of second decisions. Fraction of second delays due
    to unnecessary practices CAN and MAY get you killed. Bike instructors
    simply teach the standard curriculum, and the curriculum by no means
    completely represents safe ride practices. Learn from the course, but
    educate yourself beyond the class.

  2. ih8momjokes1 says:

    I loved riding those worn in 250s :) so much fun riding somebody’s bike

  3. MADRUSSIAN720 says:

    U WOT M8?

  4. butlerproman says:

    Next episode, Jessi’s first ride on a top fuel drag bike.

  5. Ravensheart2000 says:

    They taught the blond very bad downshifting and braking coordination. But
    once she dumps it coming to a stop she will realize the error of her
    teacher. The fist instance is around 3:09

  6. Juan Alfaro says:

    This coming June I will take the MSF Course (:

  7. J Jackson says:

    What motorcycle was she riding?

  8. FutureUSMC12 says:

    I took a class last October. That was amazing!!! I’ve gotta find a job now
    to buy a motorcycle. I’m just gonna look for a 250cc cruiser like the Rebel
    that I rode. I’m excited about this!!!

  9. Rumple Stilskin says:

    In the fall of 2013 I took this class which was taught by Harley Davidson
    here in San Diego. After having not ridden for about 40 years, I found
    that many things taught in the class I had either forgotten of did not know
    from my early years of ridding. Great Class. I would advise everyone who
    would like to “Start” riding or coming back after a long absence from
    riding to take this class. It will be well worth your efforts and money.

    Also, the good part is that with your certificate, you can bring it with
    you to the DMV and that will suffice for their driving test. I could not
    have passed their test because the bike I bought, a Yamaha FJR1300, was too
    large and cumbersome to effectively take and pass the DMV drivers test..

  10. DarthMoonslayer says:

    My only issue with the 250′s are my height. I’m 6’1″ and make them look
    like I’m riding a kids toy. Getting my feet up on the controls is a
    struggle and very cramped.

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