Motor Trend Season 1: A Look Back at 2012

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For the final video of 2012, we take a look back at the highlights (and lowlights!) of Season 1 on the Motor Trend Youtube channel. Join hosts Angus MacKenzie, David Freiburger, Jessi Lang, Carlos Lago, Ari Henning, Mike Finnegan, Jonny Lieberman, Bradley Adams and more as they share their favorite memories and most challenging moments from 2012… and offer a few hints at what’s in store for 2013 and Season 2!

136 Responses to “Motor Trend Season 1: A Look Back at 2012”

  1. Justin Caskey says:


  2. Pyrokenzia says:

    THE GREATEST GUYS THE WORLD HAS SEEN !!!! sooo looking forward to be watching you in season 2. Best best greetings and best of luck from Romania !! <3

  3. ken2go2 says:


  4. ipodgrey2 says:

    Thank you for keeping up the great content, jessi! :)

  5. traxxxasdude15 says:

    Roadkill is the best!!!

  6. Brian Rogers says:

    Motor Trend, I’m glad that your presenters each have an area that they cover and that it’s so interesting and fun to watch their individual styles. Keep up the good work!

  7. VangReturns says:


  8. Aljohn Manuel says:

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  9. biggl48 says:

    I really love ALL of the shows. All of the host are pretty up beat and knowledgeable. I get the mag monthly and its pretty awesome to have some of the top stories come to life. My fav show wld have to be Ignition with Carlos as I enjoy hearing the ins and outs of the cars in relation to how they perform in the test, on the road and on the track. A close 2nd is Jonny with head to head. What red blooded human doesnt like a little competition! Im really lookn forward to what the future has!

  10. TheUmmacdan says:

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  11. UnrealPixels says:


  12. UnrealPixels says:

    Just a question..

    Why the f*ck arent this on tv? This is so gooood.. Hot Rod Unlimited. Greetings from Sweden!

  13. Tyler Mulek says:


  14. Alex Carcrazy says:

    You guys are awnsome

  15. Cody Anderson says:


  16. satan503 says:

    Great going guys.. keep up the good work

  17. Jonah Gardner says:

    Carlos Lago is the greatest.

  18. Andrenlinedcharger71 says:

    WE NEED MORE ROAD KILL !!!!!!!!!

  19. blipco5 says:

    I’ve bestowed the greatest honor that I can upon you, I subscribed.

  20. Mike Mitchell says:

    I really love the show! You guys do great work, and I really feel like this is a much more informative and comprehensive package than what Top Gear USA offers. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to the next season!

  21. DUBEST101 says:

    Hey guys love the show really entertaining. Favorite presenters for me are Mike, Dave, Carlos and Jessi but you all are really great honestly all the shows are awesome keep it up!! looking forward to years of MotorTrend. PS Jessi will you marry me ? :)

  22. luka tadic says:

    Hi I’m Luke Tadic 14 years old and I love the car and would like to be a car mechanic and night may work, but I live in Croatia, but if I can work for you I would be a car mechanic but do not live in America. if i cen get a job for som 8 years

  23. sereneturmoil says:

    It has to be said that MotorTrend has some of the most top notch presenters and personalities there are. Yes, everyone has their slight and wearing idiosyncrasies at times, but that’s what makes them real and enjoyable to watch. I for one can’t wait to indulge in all of MT’s programming and hijinks for twice as long in 2013. Cheers, guys, and thanks.

  24. tanner samson says:

    Good goin guys

  25. lwking79 says:

    Awesome channel keep up the good work

  26. DiplomatE66 says:

    Congratulions for that amazing 1st season and thanks for that last year. Since the first episode it was a very entertaining time until today. And the most enjoying is when you live in switzerland and have the time shift. You come home from work and you know that a new episode from Motor Trend will be posted! So keep it up Motor Trend team!

    A fan from switzerland.

  27. SweGT says:

    On Two Wheels !!! My favorite !!!!!!
    1- Exclusive motorcycles.
    2- Rich of information.
    3- Excellent walkaround the bikes (video angels).
    4- Reveal the pure essence, performance, core, little details both exterior (chasse & body design) and interior (engine, breaks, abs, electronics) of each motorcycle.
    5- Both street and track ride demonstration.
    6- Riders own feeling when riding each motorcycle and Recomendations. GREAT GREAT JOB GUYS !!! KEEP THE MOTIVATION AND GOOD WORK ALWAYS HIGH !!!!

  28. taylor rice says:

    13:42 best part

  29. thinkingman07 says:

    Did you guys every post the video of the 2013 best car of the year with your discussion of why? I enjoy your work and look forward to watching whatever you guys post.

  30. Marco Nanninga says:

    Great channel, keep up the good work.
    I’m looking forward to more Roadkill, on two wheels and all other shows on the channel.

  31. TheFordman21 says:

    Yea Hot Rod Unlimited! Woooooo!

  32. offkot1 says:

    3:07 very expressive, ))cool

  33. Shail Gajjar says:

    Loved the whole series!!

  34. German Arredondo says:

    This is a Brilliant automotive channel guys, Keep up the good work!

  35. Chimney tzikas says:

    Oh and how do you get those cars can you tell me please ill keep an eye on the comments for an awnsure

  36. Chimney tzikas says:

    Hay motortrend we are doing an interesting race with a view cars the cars are Holden Torana gtrxu1 rb30, Lamborghini gollardo, Audi s5 and Ferrari scradila sorry I don’t know how to spell but can you show me please how to get good recording edit the video to make the video good because my vids aren’t that good but can you please awnsure me I really need help and sorry for my spelling

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