Modifying the 2013 Subaru BRZ: Tire & Wheel Upgrade

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 39

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I head to Indiana to experience firsthand the impact tires have on a vehicle’s performance.  Find out how the 2013 stock Subaru BRZ behaves on the track and see the difference a one-inch increase in tire-size makes in its overall performance.

1,543 Responses to “Modifying the 2013 Subaru BRZ: Tire & Wheel Upgrade”

  1. chemicallust77 says:

    I’d still put a turbo on it :-)

  2. Ryu Fūrinkazan says:

    That pussy need to be licked.

  3. Andrew Thompson says:

    Theres something so wonderful about hearing a woman say ‘naturally
    aspirated 2L, 4 cylinder engine’.

  4. coreysteady says:

    what size tire did you put on

  5. Lee Gunn says:

    I find her annoying to watch compared to the two dudes that used to do
    these videos.

  6. bandinator says:

    mmmm, burning hot…. wheels :D

  7. kurbkilla says:

    This video does not give the whole story. They changed tires AND wheel
    size. Changing the size of the wheel (17 to 18) changes the gearing of the
    whole car. Should have should stock, then changing tire, then tire with
    wider wheel, then tire with wider and larger wheel.

  8. CamaroMatt Florida says:

    If you want a track car this is what you should do people are ragging on
    the fact that this car is primarily for drifting… but most people (in
    America at least) will take a car to a track or drag strip way before they
    go out drifting… I also want to know if she is single haha great video
    with a gorgeous host cant go wrong there!

  9. kbracarlosoler says:

    And how much did those tires cost?

  10. Hello Ahmed Here says:

    She is a fucking hippie

  11. gerrar46 says:

    i mean stock tires of that car are Michelin Primacy that honestly is not
    very performance hahahaha but that car was made for that (sideways)

  12. B Brown says:

    leaning forward out of the seat works my nerves! thats so ghetto

  13. RyanTomScott says:

    Those gold wheels made that car 10x better looking.

  14. MotorDetroit says:

    “While those (power numbers) might sound low, the BRZ (FRS / 86) is an
    example of a car that raises the heart rate not with its overwhelming
    power, but with its thoughtful engineering. Its the balance and handling
    that will really steal your heart”

    Well said Jessi.

  15. james mathis says:

    that sweet car

  16. TWINTURBO says:

    skip damn womens BYE

  17. John Cruz says:

    were those seconds wheels wider too>?

  18. MrHmongrice says:

    nice review. IMO, Id do springs first.

  19. Riswin Ashraf says:


  20. Chris Taylor says:

    I’d love to tire your rack

  21. mechmat12345 says:

    One of the beautiful things about this car is it’s lack of grip (just ask
    Jeremy Clarkson), the last thing I would do is put on grippier tires. IMO
    the first mod you should make on this car is an ECU re-flash. Keep that
    slipperiness intact and bump up the HP a little bit to improve the biggest
    weakness of this car: it’s lack of straight line power.

  22. 88omarz says:

    what tires did they use? any body with a link

  23. WillShredForBread says:

    wait i thought the point of the brz was to be a drift car?

  24. eidolonbreed says:

    200 HP!!!! Hilarious

  25. Chris James says:

    Scion FRS Vs Subaru BRZ

  26. zholden88 says:

    The thirst is real

  27. BlackNYC says:

    Oh a personal experience, I rotated tires every time I did an oil change in
    a Toyota Yaris and the Goodyear eagle LS lasted for 70,000 miles before I
    got new tires. Oh almost forgot, Hey pretty lady, wanna ride?

  28. Project BRZ says:

    Our new wheels/tyres are going on in a few weeks. We chose 225/40/R18 front
    and 245/35/R18 rear.

    In this video you mention diameter but not width? What width were they?

  29. Rick Stylus says:

    does she really know about cars or tires performance? I doubt it.

  30. parker bennett says:

    The music while he was teaching her about the tires…

  31. CanvasArtByDylan says:

    Can someone tell me what wheels those were? i searched the comments briefly
    but found nothing.

  32. Ya-BOY ChickenLittle says:

    Her voice is strange and annoying

  33. K Singh says:

    for street, which most people are going to buy the brz/86/frs for, tyres
    arent really something youd consider most important as a mod. first change
    the exhaust system entirely, and also cold air intake. if you got the
    bucks, supercharge dat shit.

  34. Daniel Lobo says:

    Except that the whole point of the BRZ / GT-86 is to be slidey as hell, so
    getting rid of the stock tires pretty much defeats the purpose

  35. Mathew Duardo says:

    oh god those rims are disgusting

  36. stupidyank says:

    The wheels didn’t do it the tires did. You’re chaning the suspension
    geometry by putting larger wheels on it. Chances are it’d handle even
    better with 17′s and performance tires than with 18′s and performance

  37. Nicky Dulepski says:

    I want to marry jessi lang

  38. Punjabi192 says:

    If they wanted to maximize performance then why didn’t they go for a 17″
    tire? It would have made the car that much faster.

  39. sl66ICEcuba says:

    A few mistakes made in this video that people should be aware of and the
    obvious as well. Larger tire obviously means larger contact patch, of
    course there is going to be more confidence into the turn. Plus when she
    did the lap on the original set it was only her in the car, on the new
    tires there were two people. Thus, the weight distribution is evened out
    better and keeps the car a bit more stable. Also, DO NOT torque down your
    lug nuts while the car is jacked. Snug them up tight, lower the car, than
    check the torque specs to eliminate risk. A good safety procedure to
    practice is to put a rim under the car because of an accidental drop and
    don’t forget to chock your wheels.

  40. ShigaShiga says:

    You can’t really complain when comments are not about the car but the lady.
    I am not sure what kind of message she is trying to send here.

  41. ShigaShiga says:

    Please, if your point is to be informative, you don’t need so much glossy
    hair and make up going on. Dress more appropriately next time, so the focus
    is on what you say (above your neck) and not on your skin (below your

  42. ShigaShiga says:

    She is quite unprofessional sitting like a fifteen year old teasing older
    men. 4:13.

  43. Waas says:

    All the sad, lonely men asking her to marry them just cause she is a pretty
    lady talking about cars. Fucking losers.

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