Intensive Off-Roading at the Raptor Assault School

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 41

On this week’s episode of Wide Open Throttle, I attend the Raptor Assault School to learn intensive off-roading techniques.  See how the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor performs on a variety of tough terrains, including a white-knuckle rock crawling course and a high-speed desert jumping course.

438 Responses to “Intensive Off-Roading at the Raptor Assault School”

  1. Mahmod Mokhtar says:

    never trust any truck ever if you did you will flip it like i did(2 times)

  2. Kronnification says:

    pfft off roading….if you’re on it doesn’t count lol…if you went mudding
    or was doing donuts in a field of something then it would’ve been a hell of
    a better test

  3. Jessi Lang says:

    Looking back at some of my favorite episodes of #WideOpenThrottle Attending
    the #Ford F-150 #Raptor Assault School was one of my favorite experiences:

  4. sour simon says:

    dream truck

  5. wmff15 says:

    shit i do this on a daily basis getting out of my driveway !

  6. thatcrazyjames says:


  7. saw4fire says:

    “Everything about it pushes you to defy authority!”

    The best line of the whole video.

  8. Michael Fuller says:

    I would love to have a F-150 SVT Raptor with the Off Road Package but I live in the UK and F-150′s are not available to have in the UK. That is so unfair! America always gets the good vehicles!

  9. Michael Fuller says:

    You could buy one Jessi if you really want one that is.

  10. Eddie Fernandez says:

    Slash396 and elmo187 from north to south we are all americans “america” is a continent not a country why you people dont fucking understand that

  11. ray t says:

    Thos girl is hot

  12. hisgal7172011 says:

    I love the Raptor. I’m a Ford girl. I’ll admit it. I love the looks of the truck, the fact that it’s a truck, and the off road capability of it makes it even more awesome. I would love a Raptor. Dream truck.

  13. ladynympho87 says:

    i wish i was driving tht truck

  14. Thegunkid NRA says:

    im a Chevy guy but with the ford raptor i think i changed my mind go ford tough

  15. Colin Pascik says:

    Well all know you wrap your thumbs around the wheel while off-roading.
    That rock crawling was super intense too.

  16. Vacre7 says:

    The jump was pathetic. I jumped my worthless 4runner at 55. If you don’t believe me, video is on my channel.

  17. Daywalkertwentyseven says:

    3:24 Lol @ the amount of guys that would have said the same about her

  18. Guitarhero1000 says:

    ditch this host/driver please

  19. JeepCherokeeful says:

    Why did they choose the crew cab?

  20. saintlysimon says:

    She cant even talk and express herself without contorting her entire body – shes a fucking freak.

  21. Jon Bozzy says:

    I love you.

  22. Caio Victor says:

    Awesome to see the little Jessi in this awesome giant truck. She is, as always, just PERFECT !!!

  23. DavidHopkins1981 says:

    Nice truck but what a shit review.

  24. easytoguess1 says:

    Agreed. funny username lol

  25. Buedel57 says:

    It’s a mans truck so don’t use a woman to show off man things besides that great video great truck ford is # 1

  26. beatznstreetz says:

    If those air bags go off, shes dead

  27. flees4free says:

    This Barbie-girl is really anoying.

  28. ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

    Na I never said that. In contrast here’s some quotes from your comments.

    In chronological order:
    Slash396: No, America is a country.
    Slash396: I was never arguing about what America is.
    Slash396: America is a country you dumbass
    Slash396: There is no country named America

    So it’s taken nearly a month but it seems like you’ve got it.

  29. Slash396 says:

    Are you serious? You were arguing you can’t call the United States “America” and it can only be used to refer to North/South America. You can try to change what you were saying, but it’s all spelled out.

  30. ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

    Yep good, I think you’re getting it. Way to argue back at me what I’ve been telling you for the past 3 weeks or so.

    A simple “thankyou for schooling me” wouldn’t go amiss, but whatever…

  31. luis14hb says:

    Jessi Lang is beautiful. A perfect 10.

  32. Slash396 says:

    No, you’re to fucking ignorant to expect the dictionary is right, not you. If you look up the word America, there will be 3 definitions, one saying North America, one saying South America, and one saying the United States. There is no country named America, yes, but there is also no continent named America either. It is used as a shorter way to state something so when you mention the US you don’t have to say the United States of America.

  33. ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

    Heh nope, sorry champ but there is no country called America.

    I’m going to assume you were born in March 1996 and so being just a kid maybe you don’t know the name of your own country yet.

  34. Barlelbry999 says:

    I’m not much of a Ford fan, but I have to say, what they’ve been doing with their cars and trucks recently… I’m impressed. They’ve really upped their game. Keep it up Ford, and you may have a new fan on your hands.

  35. Slash396 says:

    Well, thats true, America is a country you dumbass.

  36. ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

    Well you said “No, America is a country”, which is wrong, there is no country called ‘America’. I’ve made that point enough now though so it’s up to you what to think.

  37. Elmo187 says:

    …with 411hp, a 6.2L V8, a much better suspension setup, utility (it has a bed), and it can definitely tow much larger things than a Wrangler can. So yeah, you’re paying for just a bit more than what the Wrangler has to offer. Also, ford a Raptor, you’re only going to be paying $10,000 over what the Rubicon costs.

  38. Ivan Gojon says:

    i guess ur right it can only do 90% of what the raptor can… oh yeah and u can get a wrangler for a third of the price!! so like 40 more grand and u get to drive on the desert at 80 mph!! yeeah!

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