Go-Karting at Grange Motor Circuit

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 35

On this week’s episode of Wide Open Throttle, Scott Mortara and I head to Grange Motor Circuit for a day of karting.  Focused on following our lines, hitting the apex, and perfecting corner exits, we demonstrate why karting is one of the most entertaining and effective ways to become an all-around better driver.



311 Responses to “Go-Karting at Grange Motor Circuit”

  1. therocketg says:

    Dat helmet scene! 3

  2. TheAction Genie says:

    where is that place located

  3. Isaiah Arenas says:

    Jessi Lang <3

  4. PocketDrummer says:

    Or it’s a wet ‘n stick tat.

  5. PocketDrummer says:

    They are probably mirroring the video for some unknown reason.

  6. ziewknihtewza says:

    most definitely would take the reality over the fiction

  7. BeyondGTStreet says:

    I’m trying to go fast here in Belo Horiznte, but is not easy.

  8. Genapex says:

    They are driving some slow go karts. Try driving a 125cc 2 stroke go kart! They feel like your breaking the sound barrier lol.

  9. Shahul Usman says:

    Trying karting today for the 1st time… Long time track rat with a couple autoX’s

  10. Kypros Christodoulides says:

    come on this is not serious carting. In my day we had rotary valve engines with carbs that you had to set up while racing. These guys don’t even wear safety racing overalls.

  11. Bromoteknada says:

    it’s not a tattoo.It’s a little snake

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