Tropical Fun in a Ferrari FF! Epic Drives Episode 15

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Epic Drives – Episode 15

On this Episode of Epic Drives, Arthur St. Antoine and I bring Maranello’s all-wheel drive super sled to the Big Island!

183 Responses to “Tropical Fun in a Ferrari FF! Epic Drives Episode 15”

  1. lin G says:

    I would like Motor Trend to make my dreams come true ! I love this channel

  2. Elijah Arnold says:

    Flirting much? I’d take the car any day

  3. Sale_Shark says:

    Nice film and review and road-trip, spoilt only my the constant giggling
    bimbo !!!

  4. robleake says:

    His impress mode was unrelenting. I hope his wife watches! The best he
    could do was smell her poop in a brown paper bag. Perv!

  5. accordv6er says:

    So cool for letting him drive the car! Very very cool thing to do.

  6. AluminumHaste says:

    I’d love to thumbs up for the Ferrari, but I have to Thumbs down for the
    awkward…..I don’t want to call it flirting, but it’s close to that and
    kind of pathetic.

  7. Sky Sharma says:

    Sooooo Proud of you Jessi. Have to say this is probably my favorite one
    yet. Awesome work as always!

  8. Chandler Kelly says:

    Do people not understand that Epic Drives aren’t necessarily car review?!
    Epic Drives are as the title implies: Incredible trips with incredible
    people and incredible cars. Not a simple, by the numbers review.

  9. bimbeano says:

    Bit boring overall, 308 a crappy car ??? Uuuurgghhh ????
    But i did like the Magnum-stuff !

  10. Colby Bertrand says:

    God damn, she looks so so so bored

  11. Doug Ninja says:

    Glad to see her. Been a minute.

  12. TheImportCars says:

    Thay guy host was getting it at 24:43 hahahahahahaha!

  13. TheImportCars says:

    Thay guy host was getting it at 24:43 hahahahahahaha!

  14. SouthernComfort Productions says:

    I think Arthur’s not with motor trend anymore because he fucked her lmao

  15. swillia6rider says:

    Glad they got the crew in on the Magnum PI spoof.

  16. timcruze11 says:

    Jessi Lang is a dime piece…don’t care what anyone has to say!

  17. bassface84 says:

    he does look like Tom Sellick a lil bit…

  18. Pushin770 says:

    Bird poop on his shoulder at 20.49…

  19. Simonkram says:

    What the hell? Was this a car review or a damn tourism commercial?!

  20. Alfred Munkenbeck says:

    the ff was the first ferrari i drove as well, i was 15, it was about a
    month after it came out and i drove it full throttle on ferrari’s test
    track at the factory. dream come true

  21. mastadriver says:

    lol she’s like “i could just use a cup of coffe” at 7 mins. haha, how bored
    do you have to get to be drive in ff to say that.

  22. Sheldon Niemiec says:

    BBBOOOORRRINNGGGG. Great review of Hawaii, guess I’ll check out EVO UK for
    a review of the car.

  23. insaaanestuff says:

    it’s also weirdly creepy

  24. insaaanestuff says:

    awesome, its like top gear but worse.

  25. michael moran says:

    man she looks so uncomfortable.

  26. Haresh Kainth says:

    I absolutely enjoyed this show. Brilliant, thank you.

  27. mayur manjrekar says:

    Did you had sex with her Arthur?

  28. Emmanuel Minier says:

    Some video. Should do more like these loved it

  29. Eric M says:

    Is this the travel channel or MotorTrend?

  30. otto mondo says:

    MT really should get rid of this insufferable buffoon. ASA aka ASS is a disaster. Thankfully there are the EVO Diaries, etc. I could take about 1:03 of the inanity of this poseur. For whom is this really targeted?

  31. Bruce Grimes says:

    Did he get some

  32. Tropical Fun in a Ferrari FF | JESSI LANG

  33. TheBeneth07 says:

    They look like the typical couple in a Ferrari; an old dude and a blonde lol

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