Ducatis, Harleys, Yamahas, Suzukis & More! The MotoGP Mass Pilgrimage

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The J-Turn, Episode 15

On this episode of The J-Turn, I head to Monterey, California, to check out the culture surrounding the Moto Grand Prix, the premier class in motorcycle racing in which some of the most sophisticated and intriguing technology is found.  But Moto GP is about much more than chasing the adrenaline rush; it’s a mass moto pilgrimage, in which fans from all over the world come together.  Each year, more than 2,000 motorcycles head to Cannery Row on Saturday night for “Race Nights on the Row,” where you’re likely to see swarms of Ducatis, Harleys, and exotic bikes, not to mention a lively crowd of enthusiasts showing off their metal.


119 Responses to “Ducatis, Harleys, Yamahas, Suzukis & More! The MotoGP Mass Pilgrimage”

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  2. Teo Kaisern says:

    I fell in love…

  3. SAMFICOM says:

    They should of tell the guy in the end to F@ck Off.

  4. jesse ga says:

    make a ferari f12 giveavey lolololol do it

  5. Michael Hastrup Bendsen says:

    Mmm :-)

  6. DisrupTer911 says:

    ooh Jessi in that hat = swoon <3

  7. mohmad imad says:

    Great,made my day

  8. 2010HarleyDynaFXD says:

    I bet that was a blast wish I could go one yearn I love sport bikes, enduro, Cafe racers, street fighters cruisers you have it all there once you get on 2 wheels there’s no going back lol!

  9. Jive Turkey says:

    what’s awesome about tattooing a corporate logo on you r body?

  10. Jive Turkey says:

    she is so dorky!

  11. gastonracing17 says:

    I don’t care that’s a bike event, he has a restaurant there and has to take care of it and his clients. And I’m not related, I don’t even live in the USA.

    He said it with respect, he didn’t even insult them, THAT would be disrespectful.

    Take care

  12. David H. says:

    Wonder what kinda bike Jessi has ! Great video ! More please ?

  13. John Specht says:

    I posted my thought earlier, but wanted to chime in here as well. He had to have had a thousand bikes near his restaurant and yet he felt he had to come out and get in Jessi’s space. I am absolutely sure he did it, because he say her as weaker than himself and wanted to belittle her. Pisses me off to no end. I would not use the “c” word, but I could not agree more with your sentiment. Fortunately he was the exception not the rule. The bike owner was on her side thankfully!

  14. John Specht says:

    “You are filling my restaurant with fumes.”. He might want to close the door. You handled it well Jessi. I just hate the feeling he only talked that way to you because of your gender. My thought not yours. I just see that way too often. It kind of pisses me off. Great video filled with great people and their bikes! Thank you!

  15. TheLeGeNdPvE says:

    I see all these bikes and then i realize how sick my bike really is… I see a bunch of sicker bikes on youtube but i mean out of all these ones here….yep id say id have one of the best..and it has history of making all other manufacturers quit making that class anyone know what year or make????

  16. whiskaleafa says:

    He said it with respect? When was that? when he was mocking her and faking thanking her? He’s at a fucking bike event, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people were doing burnouts and such.. You’re probably only defending him because you’re related to the whiney cunt.. and guess what I AM a cunt, I don’t give two fucks about you nor your whiney cunt ancestors, If only I knew where he and you lived I would come piss all over your doors to show you how much of a cunt I am.. Cunt..

  17. gastonracing17 says:

    He was right and said things with respect, you might be the cunt here…

  18. Rabsputin says:

    he’s upset about having a helmet for a haircut.

  19. Rabsputin says:

    fred durst got a monster tattoo!

  20. BOOM ii says:

    i love how jessi has a face like a kid in a candy store when shes walking past all the bikes one of the best J-turns so far

  21. whiskaleafa says:

    That dude was a cunt

  22. Kelly Krall says:

    What restaurant was that??… I won’t go there.

  23. billy sayles says:

    The end

  24. PWPost says:

    I gave you crap about your bell bottoms last time. Sooooo. This time I gotta say you look super cute with that hat on and after this episode I have a crush on you all over again. :)

  25. Normajeanissexy says:

    Yea micheal mullins, i like to light fires and throw money into them too… Dumbass thinking your so cool doing a burnout on a bike, lbeing such a badass getting back at someone for something that doesnt even matter… Fuck off

  26. enmanuelfk beltran says:

    SooGood :) )

  27. tomkatseven says:

    “Great trick you just filled my restaurant with fumes” Awesome video.

  28. Michael Mullins says:

    Monterey’s a coastal community. Depending on which way the wind is blowing it can get pretty damn chilly, even in summer. It actually rained a bit the last time I was there for the races 5-6 years ago.

  29. Michael Mullins says:

    Great episode. Makes me wanna haul ass to Monterey… If for no other reason than to roll backwards up to that restaurant owner’s door and do a big, stinky burnout.

  30. fabulousprofound says:

    nah. she’s the perfect weight for a bike jockey…lightweight means more speed. she just needs to get stretched out on a rack a bit and get taller =P

  31. fabulousprofound says:

    i think jessi needs MT to send her to japan and ride some 400cc sportbikes. they should be perfect for her size. or come up to canada and find a jdm importer with a honda nc30 or nc45 or maybe a cbr 400rr fireblade.

  32. SineOccasu says:

    Great show! I don’t know why some people are saying to tone it down. I couldn’t disagree more! To me it just seemed like genuine enthusiasm from someone fairly new to the scene. Reminds me a little of myself when I was fairly new to the scene. This is part of why people get hooked!

    BTW does anyone know what bike that cop is on @ 1:02 ?

  33. johnny mars says:

    Pretty cool video and hostess. What’s with the winter jackets and ski caps in July in CA? The audio sounds tinny and cheap, though.

    Try Biketoberfest at Daytona Beach for some real head turning customs and denizens, Miss Lang.

  34. TheDebilu says:

    She should eat….

  35. 93455Driver says:

    Jessi did well, bikers are choosy about who they do talk with! Dig the Airedale in the side car, shame about the Brit owner of the restaurant!

  36. SKAVENGERS10 says:

    Im finding it hard to determine which shows are which because the episode name is first then the series. Anyone else noticce this?

  37. Eamon Hoffman says:

    Sounds like you guys need a motorcycle presenter. Did you see the race?

  38. Ivander Nerfme says:

    damn nice one

  39. Paolo Peña says:

    It’s cool that you interviewed people with different kinds of bikes, variety is the spice of life!

  40. Chris Weigel says:

    that’s really awesome that you’re so passionate about automotive. Hard to find people as interested and passionate as I am about all things auto-related- but I guess redbull definitely added to your excitement haha

  41. James Edmunds says:

    you’re trying to hard. annoying. but give me the Honda Rune…luv that bike.

  42. adam grard says:

    im so in love with jessi

  43. jonaswang79 says:

    You were adorable and really, really cute, Jessi. Loved your energy, too.

  44. John smith says:

    Man, this chick drives me nuts.

  45. jldude84 says:

    She’s gorgeous…

  46. Dhina dhayaalan says:

    and the best bike is the HONDA SUPER CUB!

  47. Aizeem Paroya says:

    Usually only watch ignition and head to head but I thought I’d see what j turn is up to and gotta say Carlos and Jessi are about one of most interesting people on motor trend… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  48. 1phatvtx says:

    outstanding job Jessi !!!! fun weekend!! love your enthusiasm..im a fan 4 life.

  49. Anna Mcqueeny says:


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