Driving the 2013 Police Ford Interceptor

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 38

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I spend the day with the 2013 Ford Interceptor Police car. First, I get an overview of the sophisticated technology that allows police officers to do their job safer and more efficiently. Next it’s on to the Emergency Vehicles Operation Center where I rally the Interceptor and learn crucial law enforcement techniques.

879 Responses to “Driving the 2013 Police Ford Interceptor”

  1. Osvaldo Valencia says:

    U want to outrun that cop car u need 400hp if they have the Eco-boost
    engine on it and good handling and not plate number lol

  2. DZEyoyo123 says:

    That car looks stupid with the push bumpers on the front given its’
    weak chassis construction, they are trying to make people think that
    the Ford Taurus platform has a strong frame like the Crown Vics.

  3. blaziankhmer says:

    Cops with AR15 but they want to ban it from honest citizens.

  4. moe milly moe says:


  5. Aspie Otaku says:

    Cant wait till they start retiring some of those bad boys esspecially the

  6. Alan Fox says:

    Can’t wait until these start showing up on used car lots.

  7. xOogieBoogie3x says:

    It’s one of my favorite cars, a Taurus SHO.

  8. StuckIn Toledo says:

    Luckily the only thing killed in the making of this video is the English

  9. Omid x says:

    what a dumb blonde

  10. Austin McCullough says:

    This may sound odd to some. But this is my dream car. SO COOL

  11. projectdarkgrey says:

    This lady is laying it on thick at the end of the video how dangerous and
    hard a cops job is… shut up lady I was a cop for 8 years, it was the best
    easiest job Ive had in my life…. and its no more dangerous than being a
    school teacher… I hate when people who know ZERO about the job tell you
    how dangerous it is… its not.

  12. projectdarkgrey says:

    so they map the lights to the steering wheel so the officer can keep his
    eyes on the road, but they put the siren controls in a position in a place
    where this guy in the video has to stare directly down to switch on and
    change the siren….. Ive driven in plenty of police cars, even the old
    1980′s models were far simpler than this, you had a few simple switches
    even a 2 year old could figure out, this isn’t simpler.

    and that girl sounds like an idiot and looks like a child sitting in that
    passenger seat, you would think that ford would have made seats for people
    who are 6+ feet tall.

  13. 12cwell says:

    Damn that’s like the perfect girl lol

  14. czarandmaeve says:

    jessi lang is my future ex-wife.. god this woman is amazing

  15. Ricardo Chavez says:

    Fake and gay!…

  16. Stephan Cammarota says:

    Awesome Fucking Car! Where on earth did these people get this type of
    technology? I’m soooo convinced because when I grow up, I wanna be a cop

  17. GamerTutBros says:

    SHE… IS… SEXY!

  18. LeeStoneAT says:

    very cool car!!

  19. whiteandnerdytuba says:

    The 90′s have caught up to the police…. Holy sh did she just role play?

  20. MrHub929 says:

    Am I the only one that noticed the “high speed test drive” with no seat
    belt? Not that I think she ever broke 35MPH…..

  21. Mark Carmine Niglio says:

    She is hott… I love when she says show me how to get my gun

  22. Marcos Marcos says:

    The gun lock data sender thing is kinda stupid.

  23. Joshua Johnson says:

    women police officers? I’m not sure. I am not sexist but I do worry about
    PMS in our law enforcement, they do seem to be more moody than the males.
    the men I kinda know what to expect with todays officers type A standoffish
    pretty much adulthood father to punish me when I do something wrong but I
    can reason with most but the women Ive dealt with I’m pretty sure were
    PMSing big time would not see reason.

  24. Chris Samurai says:

    Wish I get a ticket from her.

  25. turbodr3ams says:

    “We’ve simplified the interior of this Police car so that there will be
    plenty of room for you to give me road head.”

  26. Timsalt3100 says:

    One police car i actually think ford not only designed pratical but also
    made it look pretty good to

  27. Yuck Foo says:

    She’s Hot. I’d poke her in the pooper.

  28. alphapie1428 says:

    Shes annoying..

  29. l1998 says:

    Taurus is not an intimidating looking car, Chargers are, crown vics are too

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