Cracking the Legendary Petersen Automotive Vault

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The J-Turn: Episode 3

On this week’s episode of The J-Turn, I head to the Petersen Museum to take you inside the museum’s legendary vault.  Check out this historic collection’s offerings, which include the 1939 Bugatti Type 57C given to the Shah of Iran as a wedding present, the first bulletproof car ordered by the White House, and the 1913 Mercer, believed to be the most original mercer Type 35-J in existence.

185 Responses to “Cracking the Legendary Petersen Automotive Vault”

  1. sixteenseven123 says:

    First comment in a year lol

  2. The J-Turn says:

    *Bugatti Type 57C, Ferrari 212 225 Spyder, Mercer and Rolls Royce! The
    J-Turn Episode 3*

    On this week’s episode of The J-Turn, Jessi Lang takes you inside the
    Petersen Museum’s legendary vault, whose offerings include:

    –the *1939 Bugatti Type 57C* given to the Shah of Iran as a wedding present

    –the first bulletproof car ordered by the White House

    –and the *1913 Mercer*, believed to be the most original Mercer Type 35-J
    in existence.

    #Bugatti #Mercer #Ferrari #RollsRoyce #Jaguar
    #PetersenMuseum +Jessi Lang +Motor Trend Channel

  3. turshin says:

    Wow suki’s s2000 from 2fast2furious next to speed racer’s mach5…talk about diversity

  4. christians131 says:

    wow I was here just a few days ago and we never made it to the vault still a great museum

  5. chester bautista says:

    s2000 from fast and the furious?

  6. michael kawaguchi says:

    Can i marry this chick

  7. jmpalicz palicte says:

    woah o_0

  8. Navstradamus says:

    What’s the silver car at 7:16??

  9. lgadwords says:

    Great vid, Jessi is great.

  10. grassceptilex99 says:

    6:20 The Mach 5!

  11. Bugumir says:

    Give me a mattress, daily sustenance and lock me in there for the rest of my life. I promise I shall never be bored and die a happy (old) man.

  12. Davi Antunes says:

    Fuck!! THAT’s a dream garage!!!!!

  13. B Pierce says:

    These museums are so depressing. There’s only one of these in the entire world. It’s the greatest driving car of all time. Let’s lock it up and make sure no one ever drives it, so we can all just look at it. Well what about me! I’m 19 I never had the chance to drive any of these cars.

  14. MotorTrend says:

    Much appreciated, Jroc7275!

  15. MotorTrend says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll try to bring you more Bugatti soon!

  16. MotorTrend says:

    Thank you! I really appreciate that!

  17. jorge arevalo says:

    This girl is awesome

  18. krirks says:

    want to see more details about those cars, not so many people have a chance to go there.
    But if this is just a PR video so I understand.

  19. Jroc7275 says:

    Thanks, love the show, keep up the great work.

  20. CSzezerense says:

    Excellent vídeo, loved it. Just wish we could have seen more of the Bugatti.

  21. CSzezerense says:

    Excellent vídeo, loved it. Just wish you’d have shown more of the Bugatti.

  22. MotorTrend says:

    As the story goes, he bought it, sold it and bought it again.

  23. wash94rh says:

    fly me to l.a soo i can visit the vault D:

  24. jcaggiula says:

    @6:20 why is the S200 from 2Fast2Furious in this collection!? Keep up the great work Jessi & Motor Trend, best car channel on YouTube! :-)

  25. k1ng0fh0ck3y says:

    Keep these coming Jessi! J turn is my new favorite!

  26. cawagoshy says:

    invisible watch 7:24

  27. dunhillsupramk3 says:

    Toyota 2000 GT and 300SL (the original gullwing) and Jessi Lang *drool*

  28. Modelstate says:

    Godsmack cars with a lovely presenter and sexy voice too !
    I would say just the right amount of face ;)

  29. Vardas Andrius says:

    not when jessi is presenting !

  30. Gordon Hu says:

    It’s a Jaguar XJ220

  31. devintheawesome2344 says:

    I went today it was car overload !

  32. Wilson Wijaya says:

    6:20 Suki’s honda s2000XD

  33. Wilson Wijaya says:

    1:22 rx-7 fd3s in the middle leftXD YAY

  34. Anten Mathew says:

    its a jag

  35. foxrace0985 says:

    whats the dark blue car at 6:37? Is it an older Lamborghini?

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