Cop Cars! Ford Interceptor, Dodge Charger Pursuit & Chevy Caprice PPV

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Wide Open Throttle Episode 16
On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, we detail the rise of auto sales and examine what US car makers are doing to keep up with the increased demand.
Then we head to Detroit, where Todd Lassa brings us an exclusive look at the police cruiser market and the growing competition Ford is facing in a niche it’s controlled for the last fifteen years.

1,175 Responses to “Cop Cars! Ford Interceptor, Dodge Charger Pursuit & Chevy Caprice PPV”

  1. Ben Angel says:

    The town of bedford, in Newhamshire, has started using the new fords. Which
    is my hometown

  2. Ben Angel says:

    The town of bedford, in Newhamshire, has started using the new fords. Which
    is my hometown

  3. Utubemanxan H says:

    who blonde girl Chrysler is no longer american they are Italian get your
    facts straight or continue the stereotype

  4. Ryan Stanford says:

    Most departments around here are going with the Tahoe…. Love it. Better
    visibility and much more comfortable. Cheaper to run than the Crown Vics.
    Not as quick, but they handle well…

  5. Advait chatterji says:

    Isn’t the Ford Interceptor the Regular Cop Cruiser in GTA 5?

  6. sam233aka says:

    charger one seems more promising of all the three. Bigger, stronger better

  7. Jimmy B says:

    Yes…..competition is growing and money is no object….the good old
    taxpayers will pay for it. Nothing too good for our boys in blue.


  8. TheWarrior1256 says:

    Caprice looks like a piece of shit. Horrific.

  9. Wilbur Snaffel says:

    It just pisses me off the the Caprice is an import from Holden/GM
    Australia. While Holden makes great cars (see GTO), the Impala is made
    here, it looks to be on the same platform, but the Impala is FWD while the
    Caprice is RWD. And having the 6.?
    V8 performing at such a restricted HP is a waste. Give the Caprice a 6.1
    that produces over 400HP. THAT”S a cop car !!

  10. alexfp07 says:

    Hi Jessi, you are so hot!!

  11. Joshua Johnson says:

    yeah the economy’s great! LOL!!

  12. obsidian00 says:

    Nothing will ever beat the Crown Vic…

  13. Dominck Carrullo says:

    I can tell you just love law enforcement…bet you wish you were anywhere
    else but here. (:-

  14. Ronnie Wright says:
  15. GspotOperator1 says:

    OMG she’s so beautiful

  16. ابراهيم البلوي says:

    I love cabres

  17. Wesley Wilson says:

    Time to steal a doughnut truck.. lol

  18. Bailey McNulty says:

    The Crusher Camaro!

  19. rachid chayeb says:

    for our police

  20. xX_VEN1X_Xx says:

    Police here in Columbus Ohio are still driving there slow Victoria’s

  21. fenderstratguy says:

    Someone reminds me of Christina Applegate from Married With Children

  22. Sam Wallace says:

    the obvious choice is to make a whole bunch of bugatti veyrons into cop
    cars. jk

  23. Ignacio Ceconi says:

    I am a Brazilian police and our cars are ordinary cars ride 4 cylinders and
    very weak. The thugs do what they want in my country. I envy the value that
    your country gives its police.

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