Chasing Top Speed at Mojave Mile

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 37

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, HOT ROD Publisher Jeff Dahlin and I head to the Mojave Air and Space Port to participate in the Mojave Mile— a standing-start top-speed test open to vehicles of all kinds.  Find out if we were able to top out Dahlin’s BMW 750i before running out of road.

307 Responses to “Chasing Top Speed at Mojave Mile”

  1. Alexi7666 says:

    Waay too chatty for my tastes. But then, Motor Trend isn’t really a “car
    guy” magazine,either. A car magazine for people who really don’t know cars
    all that well.

  2. WolffeGaming says:

    Mmmm, sexy Viper.

  3. Djexon says:

    I would like to see a stunt where a dude jumps over a car approaching him at 200mph. It’s possible!

  4. Paulius6567 says:

    this bmw won’t go faster than 150mph, it’s limited!
    every bmw is limited to 250km/h (=156mph) the first one was the e32 7-series, so it’s just stupid. taking your car for top speed is totally overrated. on the german motorway it’s trying to reach top speed is much more thrilling, because it isn’t just a straight line. But going fast without corners gets boring after a while…

  5. CaioSDMF says:

    I came here for the Vipér RTt10 in the thumbnail.

  6. sim4ata says:

    Who is that sissy guy and the f*ck is he doing there with that elephant on this track?! Lame

  7. tmurda1967 says:

    stock 6.0 GTO 153

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