Camaro ZL1 & Jeep Liberty Face Setbacks –

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Wide Open Throttle Episode 7

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I bring you the latest on Chrysler’s new innovative warranty program, GM’s Camaro ZL1 delay, Jeep’s Liberty recall, and President Obama’s proposed electric vehicle credit.

Plus, I hit the road to test out Polestar’s new performance tuning software for Volvo.

103 Responses to “Camaro ZL1 & Jeep Liberty Face Setbacks –”

  1. nezerac says:

    wow. Totally just dived into this “WOT” Throwback to satisfy my own curiosity. Aside I’m in agreement with the President’s decision to subsidize new technologies for cars. Let’s be honest. The money that goes to subsidizing big oil just for big oil to use it stopping progress is ridiculous. The “Gasoline Vapor Engine” should’ve been here decades ago. Aside I don’t wanna be found dead in my car but I so our pres has the right idea.

  2. USAon3 says:

    Don’t be silly. A supercar won’t fit in a kitchen!

  3. USAon3 says:

    Buck up little fanboy. They have to make the Slowmaro as fast and reliable as they can, so you can get a good look at the Mustang’s taillighits.

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