Spied: C7 Corvette – Wide Open Throttle Episode 4

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On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, Jessi Lang brings you the latest on AMG’s aggressive rollout schedule, BMW’s upcoming green machines, and the recently spied Chevrolet C7 Corvette.

Kim Reynolds is on location at the press debut of Tesla’s all new electric prototype – the Model X.

And Motor Trend’s Angus MacKenzie stops by to discuss the promise and challenges facing Acura’s hotly anticipated 2015 NSX.

408 Responses to “Spied: C7 Corvette – Wide Open Throttle Episode 4”

  1. Riad Ahmed says:

    Mad horse corvette C7 .

  2. josequesada123 says:

    @uyhxkzt yeah. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. and i can tell u , i really ddnt expect that i will get such a cheap deal for my brand new car from this site. if you wanna try just try now >> bit.ly/1bTcexw?=knttyl

  3. ryan97303 says:

    God that nsx looks like they stole all the designs from european super cars.

  4. blackacid1000 says:

    So much for that

  5. Turbospaceboy says:

    first c7 vette crashed come look ok on my page.

  6. Robert Jensen says:

    @Janusha Agian. Dunce. stop trollig you just told me a civic was way better than a GTR and have contradicted yourself on multiple other posts. Go home troll. No one wants your fake opinion.

  7. iwasadeum says:


  8. Janusha says:

    Branding what… Every single car GM sells in Europe are rebadged Korean cars. No… Not American GMs built in Korea, they are Korean Daewoo with a GM badge. Fords in Europe are german and English by design, and manufacture. COMPLETELY seperate from Ford US. And Chrysler… Well Chrysler was Mercedes for and now its Fiat. Been a while since they made anything of their own. Tell me… Why are BMW and Mercedes competitive in every country if they are total shit like americans love to tell us.

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