Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

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 Wide Open Throttle Episode 8

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle,I report from the prestigious Mullin Automotive Museum, home to one-of-a-kind treasures like the 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, valued at an astonishing 40 million dollars!

Plus, Motor Trend’s John Carey heads to South Africa to ride shotgun in the world’s fastest roadster – the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

641 Responses to “Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse”

  1. shaolin master says:

    Agera R is faster

  2. M Jones says:

    The only real Bugatti in this video is the 1936 Type 57SC Atlantic.
    The Veyron is just a Bugatti wanna-be. Sorry Volkswagen.

  3. Rouladejohn says:

    jessi lets get married

  4. Gas powered stick says:

    3:02 dem bugs dough lolz!

  5. Mr_RBG_SA says:

    gta 5 z-type and buggati veyron

  6. Gadang Wijaya Karya says:
  7. M Jones says:

    Not impressed. Gayron is so overrated. Someone should’ve told the VW
    engineers you don’t need 16 cylinders & 4 turbos to make 1,200hp…..real
    engine designers can get 1,200+hp out of a twin turbo V-8. The W-16 is a
    big, heavy boat anchor just like the rest of the car.

  8. Daniel Roh says:

    LoL, 4 pairs of tire for $10,000? I would donate that money to children in
    South Africa. Also, the guy’s teeth was yellow as shit and he was being
    such a racist. Does he knows how many rich people lives in China?

  9. Jjesus Cossio says:
  10. paconassaable says:

    The guy is the veyron’s test driver and he can’t afford to get his teeth done?!
    What a shity job…:)
    Love the bugatti, it´s a master piece.

  11. SuperGlen90 says:

    I wonder whose owning bugatti in south africa, if not openhimer or motsepe, google does no one and me either lol

  12. SuperGlen90 says:

    rocket on a tar road,I swear u will vomiting till ur rectum pops out lol.

  13. lightbike vids says:

    so much research for a car that only few would ever buy vw needs to focus on better average cars

  14. sawink says:

    She is on tgis car channel now. Moving up in the world. The GSV is fantastic.

  15. 13KiDD81 says:

    lets be honest…the bugatti is ugly! amazing performance but the car is hideous

  16. Zofnok says:

    For 2 million dollars that things better come equip with a built in sandwich maker, anti gravity technology, and stealth capabilities!

  17. darkcg79 says:

    16 cylinders, 4 turbos … LOL. Those guys must learn so much from Ferrari…

  18. MrMongoose5000 says:

    I would rather have a much less mechanicals going on.
    the more parts you have the less there is to break. they’re V-8 motors out there that can easily handle 1100bhp already available
    for a fraction of the price. or if you’re really serious about going fast build a top fuel dragster for less. im not negating the significance of the buggi.
    but I would have absolutely no problem with modifying a vette for a fraction of the price & race a buggy for 500 miles. or 250.

  19. Isaac Schneider says:

    but its a production car, not near the fastest or even the fastest for the price i agree..But they are worth so much because its a production-name brand-rare-limited car.

  20. bennettmorris1063 says:

    o im sure exept thats not possible your jelous because you cant and never will be able to afford this car

  21. MrMongoose5000 says:

    garbage, anyonje who needs 16 cyls & 4 turbos to make 1100bhp is a moron.
    i can make twice that much horsepower with half the cyls and no turbo.

    not to mention the tires are 10grand a piece! wtf?

  22. carter morr says:

    a buggati is cool but a 71 superbird is amazing

  23. Radickly Rick says:

    i found out he is Bugatti engineer
    fucking hell man, fix your fugly teeth.

  24. Cyber1Foxen says:

    You need to be someone importent to drive a bugatti.

  25. Cyber1Foxen says:

    Your just jealous your not worth millions of dollars.

  26. Peter Kraus says:

    where’s the happy ending where he gets to drive it? Seriously, this is dramaturgic crap right there!

  27. Domo Person says:

    My fav sport car

  28. Stephen Kelly says:

    Bugatti’s suck donkey ass

  29. chris badtrekkie says:

    Awesome car

  30. Mrkool smooth says:


  31. Radickly Rick says:

    it’s like comparing jet plain(Bugatti) with paper plane(mustang)

  32. Radickly Rick says:

    5:07 that fucking slob of a test driver has yellow teeth.
    fuck man! you working for Bugatti, show some fucking respect.

  33. Senya Malikin says:

    Car Wash music /watch?v=0_Ep58AMksE

  34. gabriel g says:

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  35. Sezer Karadeniz says:

    the best of mustang

  36. Alexandre Boucher says:

    5:23 wow creepy..

  37. David Ruiz says:

    puede ser feo pero es mas lindo que tu jajajaaj xdddddddd

  38. Wonder Gumise says:

    That was embarrassing, they shouldn’t have shown him begging like that.

  39. BlackBolt42073 says:

    Fast but ugly.

  40. carson819 says:

    Lamborghini Aventador looks better

  41. halsti99 says:

    there are nicer ways to say no …

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