Behind the Scenes: 2013 Car of the Year

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 40

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I bring you an inside look at Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year competition. Ride along with the Motor Trend judges as they drive and evaluate each of the 44 contenders, then listen in on the heated deliberations as the judges discuss, debate and decide the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

270 Responses to “Behind the Scenes: 2013 Car of the Year”

  1. Sarit Radak says:


  2. Brian M says:

    Hey Motor Trend! You guys think that withholding the winner will make us
    curious, and you know what, it does. But I find that I’m 100 times more
    frustrated and angered than I am curious.

    Well done, MT, well done. You guys SUCK!!!

  3. Tamayo1980 says:

    i want the hot girl with a black Model S.

  4. Marius V says:

    0:10 “at motortrend we’be been doing a car of the year competition since my granpa was in highschool and I wasn’t even born”

  5. SteepPeacemaker says:

    Sure doesn’t seem that way. Just comes off like an old, bitter asshole.

  6. Dorian Ferguson says:

    He was joking, ya numskull.

  7. Adel Saeed says:

    R u gonna make drivers car of the year cuz there might be another worlds freatest drag race pls

  8. eugeneg3110 says:

    They got the best job in the world

  9. Raklert Prasertsak says:

    she’s hot

  10. slantsixb25 says:

    Finally, someone told Jonny to stfu

  11. Lbintab says:

    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in those conference rooms.

  12. vito wong says:

    BMW m6

  13. nic nice says:

    hyundai sonata

  14. SteepPeacemaker says:

    Wow. That old guy in the pink and white striped shirt is an asshole.

  15. nickstoleyourpandas says:

    BMWs are amazing cars and the Cadillacs are too. Cadillac, I believe, has stepped up their game completely over the past few years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with most (can’t say all) new American made cars. It’s just always been a stereotype that American cars are bad.

  16. Ott4vi4nu5 says:

    i do not understand when they they the Cadillac has better steering than a BMW , here in Europe they do not sell any Cadillac because we think they aren’t good enough, still they say its a good car, are we ( Europeans ) wrong? or are the bmw sold in the US different?

  17. atnight3D says:

    Who calls this work….

  18. chelfc7 says:

    What was the car of the year? D:

  19. MrEric5452 says:

    What about Subaru?

  20. BUDRCN88 says:

    the tesla is a horrible choice its an unprovine concept that cost around 100k and just imagine how much it cost if something breaks its a small company campared to all the other cars what a crappy choice

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