Autocross 101 in the Chevy Sonic

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On this episode of The Downshift, I dive head first into the world of competitive autocross racing with the Chevrolet Sonic. First, I train with Motor Trend road test editor Scott Mortara, who teaches me the rules of autocross and helps me establish the performance limits of the Sonic on the Motor Trend Figure 8 course. Then I head to El Toro Marine Base to finally compete in my first official SCCA autocross race.


322 Responses to “Autocross 101 in the Chevy Sonic”

  1. racerbane1 says:

    yeah they did im slow but so is the sonic. lol really expected a boost in hp for the rs model like 170 would of been fine.

  2. Aiden Pierce says:

    They already did as far as I know O_o

  3. Aiden Pierce says:

    Don’t lie, with the trifecta, Sonic is hard to beat. Sure kicks a Miatas ass. Ask my buddy, he has a 99 and can’t touch me xD

  4. racerbane1 says:

    now I want a sonic. does anyone know if gm green light the rs sonic?

  5. racerbane1 says:

    and leggings are soo much more attractive then either of those. but then again im attracted to the 18-22 crowd.

  6. pulpbits says:

    An FRS/BRZ can’t keep up with it in the slalom, so I doubt it, but you can’t expect everyone to know everything. It’s more due to it being FWD though, not about it being an overall better car. IMHO it is an overall better car, because I own one, lol.


  7. 540EdgeFlyer says:

    A miata better than a Sonic? Obviously Jess is a typical gurl. Knows nothing about cars.

  8. kylesvt720 says:

    What class it TO???

  9. Hunter Smith says:


  10. Joe Blo says:

    I was looking at her crotch !

  11. Ken Arnold says:

    Jessi you should try doing the autocross in a s2000. Those are so tricky to handle.

  12. swami ariyan kumar ji says:

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  13. Jason A says:

    There you go!

  14. Mrcaffinebean says:

    I’d say it’s better honestly. Doesn’t seem fake.

  15. Shahul Usman says:

    Boot cut jeans are more attractive than freakin skinny jeans… Thinking about a sonic rs for a beater/commuter.. Seems like a better car now than the Fit (which needs a upgraded tranny bad)

  16. Ed Cushing says:

    This is a great video I’m going to share with some folks. I think it will take some of the fear out of it for people who have never tried. It looks like you had a good time and that’s really what it’s all about.

  17. DucDucSTFU says:

    6:31 “Shit, woman driving… Run for your life!” jk

  18. Acrimoniousbear1 says:

    Why didnt he teach her not to sit so close to the wheel? She was leaning forward almost resting her weight on the wheel while turning. Terrible.

  19. mrdjsubz says:

    omg.. the music when she was racing cracked me up!

  20. vwbusboy9 says:

    Motortrend needs to have their show put on television

  21. Seitzy411 says:

    I’m glad she didn’t try to fit some sort of womanly stereotype, awesome video. I’d love to do RallyX in a Sonic LTZ one day.

  22. Riujinzero says:

    What they didn’t show you was the red corvette that passed by while she was doing jumping jacks crashed…

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