Autocross 101 in the Chevy Sonic

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On this episode of The Downshift, I dive head first into the world of competitive autocross racing with the Chevrolet Sonic. First, I train with Motor Trend road test editor Scott Mortara, who teaches me the rules of autocross and helps me establish the performance limits of the Sonic on the Motor Trend Figure 8 course. Then I head to El Toro Marine Base to finally compete in my first official SCCA autocross race.


322 Responses to “Autocross 101 in the Chevy Sonic”

  1. davewhodavedunn says:

    What’s with her UGLY bell bottoms? Lol it’s not 1970 Jessie

  2. davewhodavedunn says:

    Chevy sux! This car will now need new bearings, tyrod end and rotors after this. Typical GM product! Unreliable and poorly made

  3. pizzasubs says:

    That is a great looking car, would anybody out there know why they are saying that the body kit and the striping that is shown on the car is not for sale? That just makes the car look a heck of a lot better….that would be a perfect car for me a person who really like to drive…..

  4. calpitoc says:

    Great segment. Really like how any kind of car can come and compete.

  5. grabir01 says:

    Jessi looks great !! Jessi would look good in a shower curtain !

  6. E71user1 says:

    Car looks low. suspension tuned? or stock?

  7. pologti98 says:

    Why is your last name lang?

  8. 122193 says:

    i love this car i have one and its so fun to drive

  9. MrMosinNagant1937 says:

    oh thanks for the diss.

  10. DaveR says:

    Jess, Did you ever drive a stick before this or was it that hard to get used to driving the Sonic?

  11. Sampson712 says:

    This episode showed me two things I didn’t know before.
    1. Jessi is a human being, not a robot
    2. Jessi is not a very good driver.

  12. MrChacha2011 says:

    dont get me wrong its a little cool turbo charged beast but it would be cool to see what it could do in better hands and more focus on the performance of the car.

  13. Crazybenjiwoo says:

    te car i a korean born … erm… ” dezign ” her drivng is avrage at best, but meh, its clearl aimed at noobs due to car and way she as being taught.

  14. sonictales69 says:


  15. MrChacha2011 says:

    please get someone who knows what their doing. She cute and all but not here for that im looking forward to what the car is all about and with her lack of driver experience it takes away from the focus of video. I dont want to sound nasty but I think it would make it better and lastly a little more about the car and not so much about drivers experience driving the car since its not the best review due to her lack of experience.

  16. kyuubi410 says:

    Manual… yes.

  17. scootfd3s says:

    so the whole time you guys give her credit reviewing cars and handling while she didn’t know shit about car control?

  18. DerAdventurer says:

    Manual… damn

  19. TechHmong says:

    I like Jessie laugh

  20. CHUUMPASS says:

    i wonder what Jessi’s personal car might be, if she has one that is, i assume she doesn’t even need to own one as her profession probably allows her the privilige of getting cars for free to test and play around with for a while in her private free time. if she doesn’t own one, which would be the most likely she’d buy,? both either contemporary cars as well as older makes. greetings from a german fan btw to Jessi.

  21. MotorTrend says:

    Thank you for that! We’re glad you’re enjoying our shows and we’re so happy to have you as a viewer!

  22. TheSaltysack says:

    jess your so hot…

  23. romeofoever says:

    Yikes, you’re not joking around! I took a ride in one a couple events ago, they are deceptively fast, especially stepping down from a muscle car.

  24. Turbospaceboy says:

    damn jesse would look so much better with her natural hair color.=)

  25. L00kovathere says:

    Guy says: “You can be pretty aggressive on the launch, rev it up til about 4k and dump the clutch”
    Chick hears: “I’m going to take off as slowly as possible”

  26. MotorTrend says:

    Thank you for that! Hope you’ll stay tuned!

  27. MotorTrend says:

    More to come! (But with a much better car!)

  28. MotorTrend says:

    Likewise! And believe me, I’d love to! My next autocross will be conducted in a Miata!

  29. Ryude says:

    All those curves and me with no brakes!

  30. romeofoever says:

    Hey Jessi, it was great meeting you out there. Hope you had a blast! Next time ditch the econobox hehe.

  31. maxdonker23 says:

    its a chey aveo

  32. machone7I says:

    Drive makes pretty good videos, too.

  33. Steve Hansen says:

    Woot! More autocross!

  34. Badtaste21 says:

    She did well. But, actually it is funny to watch that s.o. who obviously can drive a car still has problems with changing gear. Especially for me or any other European (cause we mostly drive cars with manual transmission). ;)

  35. sspope says:

    That’s not a good thing. We need a healthy competition to keep thigns balanced.

  36. Koksville42 says:

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  37. watson656 says:

    The music was great!

  38. GoodEnoughToWatch says:

    ZOMG I love TopGear, except the American one SUCKS!!!

  39. realguitarist07 says:

    You’d have to be an idiot to drive that course without shifting up to 2nd.

  40. rajcafrana says:

    @ctcfqem sure is right. this is really fantastic. Listen, you would be suprised how cheap you can buy this car through this website. if you wanna try just try now >->

  41. gabrielmed94 says:

    she never even touched the stick in the actual race.she was in 1st gear the whole course..

  42. rahgahnah says:

    sorry jessie, but a car presenter that can’t drive?? Kind of discredits you.

  43. HeyYoListenUp says:

    Yo Jeswsi Lang, why were you having problems with the stick???

  44. HeyYoListenUp says:

    IM SORRY, but Autocross does not show you the absolute LIMITS of the car ..

  45. realguitarist07 says:

    A woman who can drive stick well is my kind of woman.

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  47. usernamefromhell says:

    Very informative episode.
    …on a side note, I’m diggin’ her bell bottoms.

  48. pivot360master says:

    im not totally shure, drive is a pretty good channel

  49. shahbaz99 says:

    did they make sure the front brake pads were in place first?

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