Auto Painting 101: Can I make a Mercury Grand Marquis Cool?

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 46

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I enlist the help of some auto-painting experts to give my colleague’s outdated ride a much-needed makeover.  Find out what I do to his 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis and see if I succeed in modernizing the car that is affectionately known as the “Grampsmobile.”

179 Responses to “Auto Painting 101: Can I make a Mercury Grand Marquis Cool?”

  1. Da Coder says:

    That paint looked fine… -_-

  2. mauriciolico041079 says:


  3. Ryan Langmuir says:

    The paint job costs more than the car

  4. Ed Corb says:

    what? some of you guys want them to do another 60s impala YAWN!!!!

  5. ArtOfBaccarat says:

    Seems like the FRZ was messed up too

  6. Johnnyboy N says:

    She fuck up your

  7. CoolHwip092 says:

    You say it is the baddest Mercury on the planet, but you haven’t seen my 2001 Mercury Cougar lol.

  8. MrCars2008 says:

    He doesn’t like it lol!

  9. slrrfan says:

    Not gonna lie, the end part saying its the baddest Mercury on the planet, just sounded silly. Yes it looks ok, but its not as cool as per say a factory marauder, or any of the Pre 1990 Mercurys, since Mercury was such a standout and unique brand.

  10. SV Nostalgi says:

    A regular spray can some times spits , is it the same on those expert tools?

  11. MrMagee78 says:

    The girl in this vid seems mad cool ;p

  12. ken2go2 says:

    disliked just because, U MAD?

  13. DerpTwerp says:

    looks like a cop car…

  14. Cumminsproject01 says:

    place looks like a shit hole

  15. aarvin1 says:

    She must be a farm girl, what a cheap lame taste :O

  16. tadmeister77768 says:

    striping down the sides isn’t lined up right @ 6:57…just saying

  17. salvador62633 says:

    green frs is sick

  18. Lrn2spellpeeps says:

    Terrible color combo!

  19. Joel Ellis says:

    where has that green FR-S been hiding

  20. 1988Calhoun says:

    And Me too, bro !!!!

  21. wvvwvvvvw says:

    Id be pissed if my car came back like that, should have just painted it like a cop car

  22. Nicky Nugroho says:

    Next…Car wash with Jessi Lang !

  23. Jon Bozzy says:

    I really love her.

  24. Bob Marley says:

    I use to wear the blue blockers when I drove around my grandpas car. Funny.

  25. holdthemayo111 says:

    You ruined his car bitch

  26. gglasius says:

    What a terrible color choice!!! You can see that he hates it! Ahahahaha that blows

  27. AkbarProductions says:

    Would have added flames

  28. Isaiah M says:


  29. thesamandnath says:

    What is the song when she reveals the car?

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