Acura ILX: First Drive

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Wide Open Throttle Episode 13

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I hit the hills of Malibu, CA, in Acura’s all-new budget-minded 2013 ILX sedan.


570 Responses to “Acura ILX: First Drive”

  1. wildcard749 says:

    I had one of these to drive on loan from the dealership, felt like a quick
    little car but I didn’t like the visibility from inside. was fully loaded,
    the back up camera was nice. Id be happy driving one of these acura makes
    great cars

  2. edwardtypes says:

    Sorry Jessie you are hot but really boring

  3. gaivoron says:

    yes but she is hot!

  4. 6SpeedTA95 says:

    She kept referring to the drivetrain as the transmission. The 2.0 auto and the 2.4 6MT and the “hybrid”…a hybrid isn’t necessarily a transmission but it may encompass a transmission that is neither the 6AT or the 6MT.

  5. TerranceHorton says:

    Forget Gen-Y. I’m buying it. ☺

  6. chigasaki06 says:

    BORING. A honda civic dressed in a tuxedo.

  7. Paragon Acura says:

    Check out this review of the Acura ILX on MotorTrend’s Wide Open Throttle!

  8. PumpUPdaBase says:

    the car is too expensive… :/

  9. danwat1234 says:

    The 2013 ILX hybrid doesn’t have an Atkinson cycle engine like other full hybrids like the 2013 Accord hybrid, that’s why it’s only rated at around 39MPG combined. Honda/Acura, Earth Dreams engines would be nice to have across the Acura and Hona lineup. It’ll have Atkinson cycle and OTTO cycle combined in one engine, where in the case of a high load the engine will be in OTTO cycle mode and when you are driving economically, the engine will be in Atkinson cycle mode, so hybrid like MPG

  10. Ryan ohare says:

    theyre refreshing the ilx for next year…. i wouldnt look at one until then.

  11. smitbar11 says:

    generation ‘Y’.. Young?

  12. aquateen77723 says:

    jessi, I want a test drive. ;)

  13. illricky says:

    Miss the Integra and RSX

  14. BurningUp99 says:

    TSX is definitely bloated I like this better. Also get your facts straight they already said it’s based on the Civic it’s no big secret. ConsumerReports clearly explains the differences and they state it’s definitely better than the Civic, They gave this a good review but not the Civic. This is a great car.

  15. johnherrera305 says:

    It looks so BLAND. Hyundai’s look more exciting than this. Disappointed.

  16. doggystyle2002 says:

    Why the fuck did they use the hybrid as a test one. I mean The Hybrid will probably be the lowest volume version.

  17. doggystyle2002 says:

    Man the hostess is hot. I’d lick her pussy and asshole. I also like Acura and have a turbo RSX-S myself

  18. whotoobe says:

    It already looks dated.. Where’s the design?!!?

  19. G Pal says:

    blah blah blah

  20. thinkingman07 says:

    Not to forget that according to the NEJM 2005 generation Y is not going to live as long as the baby boomers. Poorer, sicker, and perhaps dumber….its de-evolution not onward upward.

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