Behind the Scenes of Motor Trend’s 2013 Best Driver’s Car Competition

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The J-Turn: Episode 14

On this episode of The J-Turn, I take you behind the scenes of Motor Trend’s 2013 Best Driver’s Car Powered by Mobil 1 to show you all of the preparation this event demands and the many challenges it poses. Serving as a preview of the full week of BDC programming that begins airing August 19th, this episode gives you a glimpse of the contenders— like the Aston Martin Vanquish, the Audi R8, the BMW M6, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series, the Jaguar F-Type, the SRT Viper, and the Nissan GT-R Track Edition— and shows you the madness that inevitably ensues each year.

Beginning on California’s canyon roads, the week-long excursion starts with a real-world driving portion, in which Motor Trend’s editors put each car through its paces from sunrise till sunset.  Then, it’s on to the historic track at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, where pro driver Randy Pobst lays down lap times and pushes each vehicle to its limits. See what happens in between the laps and find out how the various members of the crew cope with this exhausting week.

74 Responses to “Behind the Scenes of Motor Trend’s 2013 Best Driver’s Car Competition”

  1. aneebaba06 says:

    Awesome. Though I love cars, not so familiar with tracks, but after seeing
    /driving on this track in a video game, so cool to be able to recognize the
    turns. Anyways, so jealous of those contest winners!

  2. Isaiah R says:

    Damn! There were a lot of prairie dogs! Lol indeed

  3. Chris Claypool says:

    Wooow……really hard job!!!! NOT

  4. murillo john says:

    Versatile candy LOL

  5. Alice Rwirangira says:

    Pretty cool

  6. Ryan Malin says:

    I’d say Hammond as well but she has some skills. Hope she comes back to
    jturn when she’s healed up.

  7. Elliott Manning says:

    MotorTrend tricked everyone! All they did was talk about how much they loved the SLS AMG, which I am sure made people think it won BDC even though it was second to the 911 4S. Notice how they barely showed the 911 throughout the whole video. I still love them though. It is just something I observed.

  8. Nuno Marques says:

    Come on Jessi … one look at you and I have no doubt whatsoever that you can fit in any F1 car , all you need is someone who is able to let you have a go , that will prove hard , but not impossible , good luck !

  9. Ali Kayani says:

    I have NO doubt in my mind that Richard Hammord is an immeasurably better driver than Jessi. He has MUCH more experience on the race track than her and also probably spends a lot more time with the Stig and other professional drivers than Jessi spends with Randy Pobst. But yeah, Hammond probably isn’t much taller ;P

  10. Sonja Werner says:

    I highly doubt Richard Hammond is a better driver than Jessi, I also doubt that he’s taller. Even though you’re right about everything, I believe it’s possible that we’ll see Jessi or Randy in a F1 car at some point, the problem I’m guessing is finding someone who would actually let you drive one. It’s not like Caterham, Marussia, or Torro Rosse will just give you one of their cars, even if it’s an older car.

  11. Ali Kayani says:

    The list of people that get to drive an F1 car is sadly VERY short. And I mean a true F1 car, not something like the Lotus T125. I wish I could get into an F1 car, but it isn’t a vehicle you can just step into and drive. You need to drive an F1 car faster than you’ve ever driven anything before just to get the brakes and tires warmed up. I assume it’s VERY difficult to get used to the pace of F1 cars as well. I would love to see someone from Mototrend in one though! Here’s hoping for Pobst!

  12. jeepdude1987 says:

    Ground Squirrels, not Prairie Dogs. That looks like a crazy time at Laguna Seca.

  13. lutzcaleishaj says:

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  14. 93455Driver says:

    Amazed at how many people are needed for this event, looks like the whole team was involved, but just three people on the main video.

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  16. TheDaniel7310 says:

    Man this sucks that…corvette c7 couldn’t join because they were to simply busy

  17. supersayin1 says:

    How can I apply for this job? I just wanna drive great cars and ride awesome motorcycles for a living!

  18. BLACKBORDER2018 says:

    I really loved the behind the scenes look ;-)

  19. keruamg says:

    Wow i would kill for any of you guys job to drive these beasts!

  20. John Specht says:

    I second that vote for a show for Randy!

  21. janethacoatneyy says:

    If I find JUST ONE MORE video like this, I think I’m going to go mad! LOL. I have been trying to not think about this new dating web site I signed up for the other day. I do enjoy watching so many videos here on YouTube, I wanted a little of help meeting somebody in real life. Know what I mean? This is the site I am using to meet someone.­­m

  22. Arash Memarzadeh says:

    You guys should make a calender of all the contenders each year!

  23. akronohio23 says:

    Boring videos why couldnt we seeb any of the other cars

  24. Bob yup says:

    These guys make subpar boring videos, I really need to get them off my feed.

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