2013 Detroit Auto Show & the 2014 Corvette Stingray World Debut

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 49

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I take you inside the 2013 North American International Auto Show on Press Day for the reveal of the long-awaited 7th generation Corvette.  Check out the official unveiling of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, talk with the Chief Engineer, and see which other vehicles and concept cars I deemed attention-worthy.

80 Responses to “2013 Detroit Auto Show & the 2014 Corvette Stingray World Debut”

  1. Osman Antonio Morales Amador says:

    Deverian de cambiar a la presentadora que lastima tener buenos vehiculos
    que presentar sin tener a alguien que los presenten…

  2. ROD JOS says:

    You just gotta love that rear end… It’s perfect! 6:58

  3. Low Key says:

    3:14 “Im boutto *bleep* some shit up here!” great job censoring motortrend

  4. tmat04 says:

    Although I liked the circular tail lights, I think the ones on the new Stingray suits the Corvette badge better. I invite all to take a good look at the rear end and tail lights of this car in comparison to the Corvette badge. I think the designers did a great job!

  5. subzero666ification says:

    I see us shooting one of those drug induced lesbianism car porn videos.

  6. subzero666ification says:

    Jessy is hot

  7. Mykhos says:

    haa money money :P i’d love to have that stingray :)

  8. Austin Wilkins says:

    Can’t say I would have watched the whole thing if it weren’t for the ridiculous girl.

  9. Rico Michel says:

    Great gal Jessi! Keep on rockin’!

  10. edwardmtl says:

    Jessi, I wish I was the one patting you down at the end while you giggled in such a sexy way :) You’re so hot…again :)

  11. 8power0 says:

    Is Chevrolet going to put a twin clutch in the 2013 corvette, because the stick is old news come on man it’s 2013.

  12. lonsos1 says:

    Great ass shot at 6.59

  13. AcuraCLMan says:

    holy shit! thats intechdude300 from 2theredline @ 9:54-10:24 in this vid lol

  14. 1JAMROCK1 says:

    what the hell was that in the end ?!

  15. khunglongchienxu says:

    com’on! american up

  16. TheVdubFire says:

    * In America, not world.

  17. Alex Owen says:

    Bullshit….nuff said It’s good BUT not good enough.

  18. DJTmaq says:

    They should have kept the old taillights, that was corvette signature. There is absolutely nothing the same here. Which is in fact a different car, which means it needs a new name. I agree it’s a great looking car. But it’s nothing like the old ones which means it needs a new name.

  19. josiah zavala says:

    why does she look like a little kid in driver seat lol… still hot though lol

  20. fletch00001 says:

    First time i’ve seen you and you look great and the Vette is my fav. car!!!

  21. fletch00001 says:

    Audi R8 looks like a TT . The Corvette leaves everything in it’s wake.

  22. ContinentalGT100 says:

    I could say the same thing about myself and I think this is the best looking Corvette ever. They really stepped up their game: the interior is amazing finally, the exterior is breathtaking and if it performs like the last car with improved driver mechanics I think this car could go down in history as one of the all time greats. Your opinion is your opinion, don’t state it like a fact because it’s not. As always Jessi, great reporting, love your animated character, can’t wait to see this in DCOTY

  23. wowplayza says:

    Almost everything i saw here was at the toronto auto show (:

  24. James Tennier says:

    Jessi? Why the patdown? What did you do???

  25. yellow6ird says:

    Great job as always Jessi, keep it up.

  26. St8Solja says:

    They should have kept the old taillights, that was corvette signature.

  27. Kristián Mašek says:


  28. krirks says:

    should have name the video
    : The New Corvette ad. and some new cars in Detroit Auto Show

  29. Kiddomike says:

    MotorTrend is now my favorite YouTube channel.


    The Corvette is the greatest sports car in the world.

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