Drifting in the Scion FR-S!

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It is easily one of the coolest-looking maneuvers you can do in a vehicle, and it’s also one of the most misunderstood. While drifting might seem like a simplistic technique, it requires the type of mastery that one can only appreciate if given the opportunity to attempt it.

Trust me; I’m speaking from firsthand experience.

Determined to get a car sideways, I recently met up with professional drifting champion Ken Gushi for my first lesson on the delicate art of deliberate oversteer.  Although I had never underestimated the technicality involved, by the end of the day my already-established respect for professional drifters had doubled.

With Ken as my coach, I learned the intricacies of what this craft demands, as I worked to execute the intensive car-control that drifting, by definition, requires.  Find out what happened at the track and see if I achieve my goal on this week’s episode of Wide Open Throttle.

556 Responses to “Drifting in the Scion FR-S!”

  1. Dustin Nette says:

    she has to drive the stock garbage? Blahhh

  2. famousamos says:

    Ken is awesome

  3. Christopher Richardson says:

    From Japan? He was born there, but raised in the California…………….
    he competes in the U.S., who wrote this shit?

  4. tacos4u632 says:

    lol he is so happy he is talking to a girl, he cant stop smiling lol

  5. asg102 says:

    wtf am I watching

  6. Harvey Ruiz says:

    why does the greddy frs not have the rocket bunny body kit anymore?

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