How to Drive Stick Shift and Burn Rubber in the GT500

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 32

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I meet up with the team from Soul Pancake to teach Mark, an automotive novice, the ins and outs of handling the 2012 Ford Shelby GT500.  After helping him conquer the Shelby’s manual transmission, I school Mark in the fine art of burnouts and donuts,  and spend the rest of the day destroying tire treads.

1,226 Responses to “How to Drive Stick Shift and Burn Rubber in the GT500”

  1. fknfastcobra says:

    Grabber blue GT500 vert is so bad ass !!!

  2. 1cutlerfan says:

    She is a tasty little morsel?

  3. TheManWithNoName686 says:

    Isn’t downshifting without rev-matching really bad for the syncros and

  4. Showta Ito says:

    teach me too……:(

  5. Jbenner848 says:

    It would’ve been easier if he wasn’t gay lol

  6. tavito rock says:

    yeah that’s easier in a open space we do it in the hood biatch

  7. Preston Bissuett says:

    What a sweet angel of tire death.

  8. Musa Nkosi says:

    Man i want to try that out now.

  9. Musa Nkosi says:

    Man i want to try that out now.

  10. harisnaeem7 says:

    Oh a kid is learning basketball lets put him in the nba that’s what you
    just did by putting that guy in the shelby

  11. cinnygames says:

    This video proves women can also be awesome behind the wheel. Thank you
    Jessi you’ve restored my faith in humanity :)

  12. utopia vanished says:

    Is she a fucking idiot? Its NOT DEPRESS THE GAS TO BRING RPM UP its PRESS
    the gas

  13. Adric Stubblefield says:

    that girl…is fucking amazing!

  14. harlemkiid149 says:

    0:58 “I have a little problem” If a grown man doesn’t know how to drive a
    stick shift that’s a HUGE problem

  15. ExplitPlayer says:

    A girl is the only person that belongs in a Mustang of any kind

  16. Mustang FiveOH says:

    I dont know why some people can’t drive stick. It’s the only thing I drive.
    I hate automatic.

  17. Daniel Delgado says:

    She keeps saying depress the gas like she is talking about a clutch and
    it’s probably confusing the dude…

  18. bomszanka says:

    Nauka jazdy 550 konnym autem… Nawet ruszyc nie umie :|

  19. Skyler Colvin says:

    Hey i dont know how to drive a standard wink wink

  20. cameron berki says:

    I like her, she does better burnouts than most guys

  21. cinnygames says:

    Oh come on no need to diss him just because he can’t drive stick. You don’t
    need to diss someone you don’t know. I had fun watching this video and
    cringed a little when he stalled. But it’s all in good fun!

  22. Nicol Collinns says:

    ONLY in America a girl is teaching a guy to drive a stick!

  23. Tonio Howard says:

    ohhh ok hes a fag

  24. Tonio Howard says:

    how does a man not know how to drive stick?

  25. chris garcia says:

    I like that girl.

  26. AJ3Life says:

    Jessi is Bad Ass.

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