2013 SRT Viper Revealed!

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Wide Open Throttle Episode 10

On this special episode of Wide Open Throttle, I bring you an exclusive in-depth look at the hotly anticipated 2013 SRT Viper.

Plus Motor Trend’s Scott Evans heads to Detroit to interview the brains behind the Viper brawn, SRT President and CEO Ralph Gilles.

830 Responses to “2013 SRT Viper Revealed!”

  1. James Ruffin says:

    Viper a beast I love vipers

  2. CheddarBob39 says:

    The viper is one of the coolest looking cars in the world.

  3. UncleSiam says:

    I heard her say “wide open throat….” and I lost track

  4. MetalHeadBanner says:

    lol touche

  5. MetalHeadBanner says:

    lol touche

  6. Lappan95 says:

    The chick is cheaper first but after a couple of years the SRT is cheaper :)

  7. Diehl Chrysler - Dodge Jeep says:
  8. EFSFILM says:

    Anyone know the song in the credits?

  9. ireallycare22 says:

    i love it when hot women talk about hot cars

  10. tryhardgunner14 says:

    DAMN she’s hot

  11. explosiveintell says:

    FAKE…FAKE.. !! she is standing in front of a GREEN SCREEN…thats why she cant drive it..

  12. camdog124 says:

    Is the dashboard still rubish shit and cheap?

  13. Tsmowl says:

    I think it looks a bit shiny. Like it put on a silk shirt. A car as raw as the viper should wear cotton.

  14. Alvin George says:

    4:00 I had to change my pants after this

  15. Meshari Maoo says:

    Sexy car better then corvette one million time

  16. happyshoppingliferu says:

    some say money cant buy happines….. HAHAHAHAH yeah right

  17. lef178 says:

    some say money cant buy happines….. HAHAHAHAH yeah right

  18. masscashstacks says:


  19. wahimusic says:

    The car is cheaper

  20. Nancy Correa says:

    Thsi car has been my favorite car since the first time I saw this is da meanest looking american muscle car

  21. idontfuckinglikeyou says:


  22. NTRSANDMAN says:

    car is a 10 ;)

  23. s38902 . says:

    Viper with chick in the front seat.

  24. MrDee134 says:

    Fuck.. ( jaw drops )

  25. SweetDic Willy says:

    Give me the car…you can have the chick.

  26. 104snake says:

    id hit that

  27. Savina Fabbri says:
  28. TAPOUTMAN210 says:

    Fuckin sexy right there.

  29. Nicky Dulepski says:

    the chick

  30. dancefloormayhem1 says:

    Mmmm Viper with launch control…

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