2013 SRT Viper Faces Motor Trend’s Testing Procedures

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The J-Turn: Episode 12

On this episode of The J-Turn, I  bring you a firsthand look at the instrumented testing procedures that each new vehicle undergoes.  Using the 2013 SRT Viper to demonstrate each aspect of the test, I first meet up with Motor Trend’s Testing Director, Kim Reynolds, to experience the vehicle dynamics through the Figure 8.  Then, I head over to the drag strip with Scott Mortara for acceleration testing, where together we show that properly launching a car requires much more than simply stepping on the gas.  See how the manual transmission, 640 horsepower SRT Viper behaves when put through its paces, and find out how well we’re able to launch the 10-cylinder beast.

85 Responses to “2013 SRT Viper Faces Motor Trend’s Testing Procedures”

  1. SVT MATT says:

    How fun would it be to beat the crap out of slick car that isn’t yours and destroy $1500 worth of tires in a couple hours? Guessing, pretty damn fun.

  2. Paulo coelho says:

    Jessi, one of the few women in autonews that i enjoy watching and listening to. Cool chick.

  3. Paulo coelho says:

    The new Viper looks old and new, design wise.

  4. Sollehuddin SP says:





    :( I want to learn to drive stick so bad!!!!

  7. James Thomson says:

    Great piece on the Viper launch control techniques Jessi.

  8. zuralias10 says:


  9. Ulisses Costa says:

    SRT, Fix panel gaps!

  10. NicholasTheSr says:


  11. Patrick Pelletier says:

    Also is it just me or did Jessi get bruised on her right eye (our left)?

  12. Patrick Pelletier says:

    Kikiti they added ABS, TCS and Stability Control to this Viper generation,
    its no like the old ones. Also Jessi is so beautiful.

  13. Wow says:

    Viper simply bites you in the ass… Its such a uncontrol beast

  14. mengieboy says:

    Glad to see you back Jessi! Felt like it’s been forever! Totally missed the
    J-Turn. And to see you drive that Viper, awesome!

  15. Joshua Rodriguez says:

    So you guys always clutch dump? Never slip into it? Not the most
    reliability inspiring method… But on brand new loaner cars, sure, beat
    the crap out if it! Ain’t care! Two more questions… When going from one
    gear to the next do you flat foot shift? Or lift off just slightly? Lastly,
    when braking in manual car, do you keep it in gear? Do you heel-toe as you
    slow down? And if so, at what speed do you depress the clutch?

  16. Economic Crash says:

    More Viper = More Views

  17. Ricky Bobby says:

    She should be a brunette not a blond lol

  18. blake20193 says:

    You’re welcome Jessi. I’ve always liked your segments and I’m well over
    people giving you a hard time for no reason at all.

  19. DeadshotX1 says:

    For every episode of The J Turn Jessi should do an actual J-turn with
    watever car she used to end the vid

  20. thybigballs says:

    SRT has said that they will offer paddle shifters sometime within the life
    cycle of this Viper. They said they have the trans already, but it is
    currently a packaging problem because there isn’t much room for the
    transmission. I assume it’s due to the fact the engine is practically under
    the dash as well as the monster torque the engine puts out. I prefer
    manuals, but I think it would be great for people to have options. It would
    certainly make it a better daily driver-ish kind of car.

  21. tsmvideo says:

    Its called Gaff tape. It’s used a lot in the film industry to rig things
    temporarily without leaving a sticky residue like duct tape.

  22. Dan N Moldovan says:
  23. zoroluva says:

    If I had the money, I think I just might buy this over the Corvette. What a

  24. รัตนา ต๊ะวัน says:
  25. Fraser Anderson says:

    What a car ! You Americans make some awesome cars now.

  26. Fraser Anderson says:

    That monster car and that tiny little lady.

  27. bob smith says:

    2:17 im pissing my pants

  28. Semi Final says:

    What’s the point of your post?

  29. Victor Riesco says:

    What a gentleman…

  30. gunwhores says:

    Bad ASS Chick! in a fucking sick ass car

  31. Cowus23 says:

    This has to be one of the greatest jobs

  32. Codename Reptile says:

    unpayable her smile in THIS car:) great vid^^

  33. MrGtr350 says:

    she should post about cars almost everyday!!! she is so good and very hot

  34. Mohammed Jamal says:
  35. lindo jz says:

    Really informative video, good to have a reference to the fact and figures
    that get thrown at us. Awesome work!

  36. Designandrew says:

    If I were you every time I saw a sexist comment, just take it as a
    compliment, because it’s just another male that is jealous that a women has
    a better job/is a better person, than themselves.

  37. rionmoonandroid says:

    That’s the weirdest kitchen I’ve seen a woman in

  38. jorge baez says:

    I love Jessi,a real car tester and I love her personality.

  39. Edgar Romero says:

    This is the type of woman I need. Most of the females that end up in my car
    get scared when I step on it, she seemed to really enjoy the feeling of the
    horses kicking in. Absolutely remarkable.

  40. Jimbo Slice says:

    awesome video

  41. TheAstonmartindb5 says:

    Jessi, Thank you for all you do for all the car guys and gals! I enjoyed
    the insights you provide in automotive sciences. Thomas

  42. 7lameboy says:

    Why so many videos of the viper?? This is like the 6th one I’ve seen

  43. Khaleel Malki says:
  44. Stepan Hula says:
  45. Юрий Фофанов says:
  46. Lawrence German says:
  47. Lawrence German says:
  48. Wilmar Garcia says:
  49. Marcus Johansson says:
  50. Car Channel says:

    #car #auto 2014 SRT Viper Faces Motor Trend’s Testing Procedures – The
    J-Turn Ep. 12 http://ow.ly/2ynU7D

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