2013 SRT Viper Faces Motor Trend’s Testing Procedures

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The J-Turn: Episode 12

On this episode of The J-Turn, I  bring you a firsthand look at the instrumented testing procedures that each new vehicle undergoes.  Using the 2013 SRT Viper to demonstrate each aspect of the test, I first meet up with Motor Trend’s Testing Director, Kim Reynolds, to experience the vehicle dynamics through the Figure 8.  Then, I head over to the drag strip with Scott Mortara for acceleration testing, where together we show that properly launching a car requires much more than simply stepping on the gas.  See how the manual transmission, 640 horsepower SRT Viper behaves when put through its paces, and find out how well we’re able to launch the 10-cylinder beast.

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    Better not floor it at the point you leave the clutch, too much energy and
    thrust at that point. Viper is a mid range torque vehicle is pretty hard to
    launch a mid range torque quick unless you have good tyres. If GTR is a MT
    RWD, it takes more skills than Viper to launch because it’s torque jump
    from 3200 all the way to 5800rpm. Floor it or slow down is the question.

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  3. Mangobrain82 says:

    good god did you hear the drone at 1:30

  4. afarleo says:

    Hey Jessi, have you ever driven the acr? If so what are your thoughts in
    terms of handling ability at the limit with its lighter weight and
    spectacular downforce compared to the new gen vipers? And guys,
    seriously…the women jokes got old real fast, especially considering she
    can drive better than all of you i’d bet

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  11. ridge147 says:

    The front lifts when he accelerates, and slams forward when he brakes… seems soft on the suspension….

  12. Cams250 says:

    Srt is more for sport use, like normal everyday street driving. The GTS was made built and designed around racing. The Srt looks better in my opinion… The GTS also costs a lot more.

  13. bryanbeachboy1970 says:

    price and trim levels mostly. SRT is the ChrysCo division that makes the Viper now rather than Dodge (Look for images of their next home grown platform, the Barracuda, coming soon!). The ‘regular’ Viper starts at just a squeak under $100k, while the GTS starts at about $120k. The difference is that the GTS has more options for ride and handling and interior. That being said, get the regular Viper with the optional Track package which gives you better and lighter wheels and brakes.

  14. George East says:

    What is the difference between the srt viper and the srt viper GTS.

  15. SupercarsGT says:

    Viper, the king of muscle cars

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  17. Chance Hales says:

    Nice insights to some of the test procedures you do! You should do one of the photographers next!

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    6:23 Price is Right Style? 3600 would be a terrible bet if someone already bet 3500.

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  35. rorschach775 says:

    For all the shit talking MotorTrend does towards the Viper, they sure do like to milk the car for as much publicity as possible.

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