2013 GTR Experience: Learning to Tame the Beast

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 The Downshift Episode 14

On this episode of The Downshift, I head to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to participate in the 2013 GTR Experience, a special session of Skip Barber’s High Performance Driving School designed to help drivers harness the power of Nissan’s flagship supercar at the track.

642 Responses to “2013 GTR Experience: Learning to Tame the Beast”

  1. ninevoltz9 says:

    I love the blonde hair hanging out of the helmet. You are the luckiest
    chick on Earth!

  2. Clark Richardson says:

    That 458 fanboy must not watch motor trend much. The ZR-1 had the laguna seca production car lap record until recently beaten by the 14′ viper t/a. He can refer to MT best Driver comp for the 458′s lap time video. I think the zo6 puts better times than the 458 too

  3. hahahigh420 says:

    they should hire sabine schmitz

  4. jo23bulls says:

    US sales are basically a flat line.

  5. CAV3MAN227 says:

    Supply and demand.

  6. jo23bulls says:

    Why has this car gone up 20K since it came out. Inflation isn’t that rampant.

  7. hamdanaeae2 says:

    well, girls here in middle east are not like the cool girls in your country, here i saw girls drive camaro ss , porsches, bmw x6 m, i saw a lady drive a vette once, but never saw girls drive a GTR, its a 2.7 seconds car not many girls can handle that, if they sit in the passenger seat they usually scream and tits fly lol when you do 2.7 0-100km

  8. hamdanaeae2 says:

    your mom got GTR?! you don’t know how lucky you are lol

  9. Nolove4buu says:

    She is so driving it like a woman.

  10. Brax Jackson says:

    My mother got one.. I’m not allowed to drive it.

  11. flyingmonkey89 says:

    I didn’t know there was a speed limit on Laguna Seca

  12. Fernando Morales says:

    nodding is her specialty, racing isnt..

  13. cawagoshy says:

    3:15 the blonde hair sticking out under the helmet
    shiiiit that would scare anyone on the track

  14. BTroxTV says:

    02:45 you’re welcome.

  15. Tristan S says:

    you’re such a fucking asshole man

  16. Cesar Campos says:

    We are big fans of the Nissan GTR, but we highly advise before stepping
    into one, “Wishful Thinking”, you undertake lessons to learn the necessary
    skills to drive one. Considering it accelerates from 0-100km in 2.9
    seconds, it’s understandable why you need to “Tame This Beast”.

  17. TheMartzyanu says:

    well in my contry, Romania i saw two girls driving GT-Rs in drag racing.. we have so many gt-r s..;))

  18. Pedro Santos says:


  19. Massimo t says:


  20. impeccable24 says:

    nice username….love the evo10

  21. SwesishTim says:

    wow like half of the comments here are sexist. pretty immature.

  22. DaLeadBull says:

    I felt a tingle in my pants.

  23. hamdanaeae2 says:

    ok, which planet is this where girls drive Nisan GTR?! does she any idea if GTR ever bought by a girl?! or going to lol…

  24. boarddog1 says:

    sorry but you just dont do it for me chick, man cars need man drivers…just saying

  25. ghoisc says:

    Fake enthusiasm is fake.

  26. efcache says:

    I saw one on ebay!

  27. YonkerCliped says:

    ur soo sexist get a life bro the gtr is one of the easiest cars drive i actually drove one and im 14 so fuck off and get ur self a nissan leaf

  28. madde78273 says:

    Dude you are a dumbass, have you seen her other videos? Jessi could kick your ass on a race track, on the street and even offroad.

  29. RemixEvolution2011 says:

    so harsh lol.

  30. joshufc091 says:

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  31. WowzaBoyz says:

    nahh if you’ve seen her other videos she actually knows her shit, a proper gearhead. she even taught this chubby dude how to drive stick and do burnouts in a gt500 lol

  32. raversman says:

    uh derrrrr i dunno how to drive this corner BLAH. Get back in the Kitchen

  33. 461932570 says:

    I want this car so I can show of to this asshole this guy his family owns one lexus rx450 and he’s showing of is familys car while my familly owns 2 rx350s and 1 acuramdx and 2 toyotas 1 small camery and one seinna

  34. 111alexg says:

    I’m jealous of that girl, I wish I could practice driving that GT-R

  35. gamer7790 says:


  36. stiliqn007 says:

    she reminds me of natalya or beth phenix from wwe

  37. roshan517 says:

    Fap fap fap!

  38. TheAlberto286 says:

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  39. hostilityy says:

    Dude I gotta brings my milk delivery van out there and race that gtr lol

  40. HaZo0oMo says:

    i wanna ride both of them!!!

  41. ThePinoyMamba says:

    Nice. I’ve been missing Jessy! Good job

  42. mbsnyderc says:

    So i take it these comment are from 14 year old boys?

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