2012 Mercedes-Benz AMG Lineup – SLS, C63 First Drives

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Wide Open Throttle – Episode 20

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I check out the 2012 Mercedes-Benz AMG lineup and hit the road with the SLS Coupe and the C63 to find out why they are among its most coveted models.

267 Responses to “2012 Mercedes-Benz AMG Lineup – SLS, C63 First Drives”

  1. Tyler Bourbon says:

    6 feet, thats like 1,82m … not that tall…

  2. zibby43 says:

    Jessi Lang = wifey material.

  3. AVerySourApple says:


  4. AMGBUGATTI says:

    The coolest car in that gathering is the CL AMG

  5. GustheSig says:

    Excellent review.

  6. Ely Antonio Mascia Neto says:

    The Best Of The World ! MB !

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  9. joeyjoeeeee says:

    there are manual mercedes’ ?

  10. Abdulaziz Jamjoom says:

    I fell in love with the C63 coupe <3

  11. fonfobells says:

    CLS 63?!!

  12. Ahmad Saleh says:


  13. mariaufrancisq says:

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  14. jgladhill3 says:

    I wanted to see the rest of those cars reviewed, driven, what a tease.

  15. Jack Byrne says:

    Thanks pepperdine silly yanks what would they know about European grammar

  16. Pepperdine10 says:

    “COO-PAY” god damnit

  17. MaslAlek says:

    lifetime of the engine increases

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