2012 LA Auto Show & The World Premiere of the Porsche Cayman

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Wide Open Throttle: Episode 45

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, I take you inside the L.A. Auto Show on Press Day to show you what goes on before the doors open to the public.  There, I meet up with Angus MacKenzie to see the world premiere of the Porsche Cayman and to talk with the Cayman designer about the brand’s latest brainchild.

103 Responses to “2012 LA Auto Show & The World Premiere of the Porsche Cayman”

  1. Max Imus says:

    Yeah, especially his accent–all american accent.

  2. Tim Chan says:

    When will the review for this car be up?

  3. abasio29 says:

    its funny cos most (not all…MOST) people who dunno shit abt cars buy lambos and ferraris cos of the name and price tag

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