2012 Best Driver’s Car Roundtable: The Aftermath

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The Downshift: Episode 32

On this episode of The Downshift, Motor Trend contributors Angus Mackenzie, Jonny Lieberman, Carlos Lago and I gather together to answer your most frequently asked questions from this year’s 2012 Best Driver’s Car competition.

528 Responses to “2012 Best Driver’s Car Roundtable: The Aftermath”

  1. hulkhatepunybanner says:

    Zzzzz, wha?! It’s over already? I told you guys to wake me up when this got

  2. Ninad Ganore says:

    If wanna talk electronic shit,,gtr is most electronic of the bunch,its the
    most experience degrading car

  3. Ninad Ganore says:

    Pls bring the rs5 so that m cars die out of shame

  4. S200069 says:

    86 ftw ! !

  5. Dante Vasquez says:

    Meant z28

  6. Dante Vasquez says:

    I kinda hoped the ZL1 would make the cut

  7. Felix TheCove says:

    Would like to see Jessi lang getting banged by all these men!

  8. Devout Tan says:

    I want koenigegg agera r please

  9. Abdalla Shabibi says:

    Thank you DevPack

  10. Edward Soper says:

    I like motor trend except for the token slut they have to have on here.. Lose the dumb slut and I dunno, make it about cars…..

  11. rayanalmogren says:

    For me there is no car is better than the Aventador

  12. DevPack says:

    holy chevy commercial STOP!!!

  13. Seth Hayse says:

    MT videos with J.Lang get zero views from me. MT viewers deserve a real petrolhead, not a talking head.

  14. loudblazer says:

    You will have a small list comprised of only American cars, lol.

  15. CoolHwip092 says:

    Same here, though the Tesla Model S would be in my purchase list if I could afford it. That isn’t a manual because it only has 1 gear lol.

  16. krocialblack says:

    Like I’ve said in another comment. It’s okay to have preferences. Some people like switching gears with a leaver, some rather just use paddles, and some rather just let the gears shift by themselves. I’m sick and tired of all the smugness. There’s so much smug a person can take, until they’re feed up. Maybe you should think about that, before making another statement like that.

  17. kuwait350z says:

    IMO; both power transmissions are great; each has pros and cons; yet at the end of day it all boils down to driver personal preferences.
    Thank you.

  18. krocialblack says:

    There’s nothing wrong with preferring a manual transmission. I own a 6 speed Corvette. But people need to stop being so damned smug about it. It really makes the car community look bad…

  19. krocialblack says:

    You know what. I’m so SICK and tired of these ego comments! There’s nothing wrong with having a automatic or automated manual. Driving a manual doesn’t make you a badass. Driving manual doesn’t always mean, “More fun”. Nor does it mean, “More manly and skilled at driving”. This ego trip most petrol heads got must stop! You’re only holding yourself back from great cars. And for what? Because it doesn’t have a shifter!?

    That’s just immature. GROW UP GUYS!!!

  20. iStyleZ415 says:

    okay tough guy

  21. Vincent Jiang says:

    not to be sexist..whenever i see a blonde talking abt car, i think abt having sex with that blonde…so jessie is kinda distracting

  22. 05gtdriver says:

    I understand the benefits of an automated manual(dual clutch) transmission, but honestly, I think they’re useful in cars that exceed a driver’s reaction time(when trying to shift a car, brake and steer while traveling at an enormous rate of speed). An automated transmission on a BRZ is useless IMO because at 200hp, most competent drivers can reign it in and keep it on full boil while smiling all the way :)

  23. Mantas Totoraitis says:

    Carlos Lago likes his beer! Long hair guy not so much….

  24. Seitzy411 says:

    I’ve driven an Automated-Manual for a year now, it’s unbelievably fun.

  25. freejrs says:

    I can’t help that you are a moron. That’s your own problem.

  26. 5994fps says:

    I search for it and it’s a facelift concept car that isn’t even mass produced. Clown.

  27. freejrs says:

    Are you still asking me if there was a new Miata???? Come on bud use whatever brain power you have available and google it.

    MX5 GT.

    No facelift. It’s a new model.

  28. 5994fps says:

    A new Miata or just a facelift?

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