2011 Toyota Sienna

For 2011, Toyota redesigned its Sienna minivan. Featuring seating for up to eight with reclining captain’s chairs, this class-leading minivan offers both luxury comforts and practicality.

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1,011 Responses to “2011 Toyota Sienna”

  1. Waldemar Cholewa says:
  2. 125force says:

    This is sporty? Oh my gosh you have got to be fucking kidding me. The Dodge Caravan RT is sporty, the sienna doesnt stand a chance againt the Caravan. The features are aweosme in thing tho. But the sienna is ugly, fat and a complete pig. Anyone who thinks its cool looking is a moron.

  3. M67v says:

    Motor Trend. She is in both Roadfly and Motor Trend?
    I want this van a whole lot.

  4. daddyavalos9 says:

    i hope all 27 of u dumbasses experience this faked problem which people actually died as a result of

  5. gabysahagun13 says:

    My mom has this van but there Is no foot rest! :(

  6. Ahad Qureshi says:

    Like a little kid cares about convenient storage.

  7. ADEEL MIRZA says:

    9c waggon

  8. Dimasik2022 says:

    Хороший автобус)

  9. trumpet12345 says:

    So, not good for road trips.

  10. trumpet12345 says:

    Expect you are not suppose to use the reclining chairs IN MOTION.

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