2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

I’ve been excited to road test the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI hatchback since it debuted earlier this year at the New York Auto Show. My expectations were high, but the STI did not let me down. YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Siebe Cools says:

    I think… I’m in love

  2. Driver Lexus says:

    u will have fatal crash in 2013 Jessi. i am telling u now.

  3. James Vernon says:

    It will be weird but… Will you marry me ? *.*

  4. SmellyGreenGoats says:

    Would anybody know the price of one of these Subaru STis around 2019? Just
    a rough estimate, Maybe under $20,000? I dunno,

  5. John Vu says:

    Roadfly TV needs to spend more time or SOME time showing the performance of
    the car. Take it out somewhere and let it loose and show us what the sports
    car can do. If this was just a Honda Civic then this video would of been
    fine but for a sports car – show the performance. On the flip side of
    things, I love watching her reviews. She gives a good description of what
    comes with the cars and she is just plain sexy – someone I’d love to get to
    know. She is definitely someone to be reviewing sports cars and I love her
    review on the Infiniti G37 convertible. Her name is even cool. Maybe
    someday I’ll get that girl and the car. I had the nice car, need to get it
    back and next time, a girl that looks like that! Nice voice too!

  6. Peter Chaboud says:

    This feels like watching a way over rehearsed speech that came from a
    teleprompter on a local latenight broke ass television show. There was no
    REVIEW here! It was a dumb blonde with terrible presentation skills
    reciting a list of parts. I think the only things she reviewed here was the
    seats and the gauges only to show that she completely spent no time in the
    vehicle (Due to the seats being infamously terrible and the gauges one of
    the most admired night time features on this vehicle.)

  7. Gas Vein says:

    Strange looking kitchen…

  8. SmellyGreenGoats says:

    I would love to own a a Subaru Impreza, such a good car, 4 cylinder, good
    on fuel, small, doesn’t take up much space, reasonably fast and it looks

  9. james ortiz says:

    This looks like a very masculine car!

  10. Mark Hsu says:

    Way better than the little humdrum boring fella.

  11. Trey Rodrigues says:

    660hp* (typo)

  12. Trey Rodrigues says:

    Oh yay I have one :) 560hp not much beats me on the st hahaha :)

  13. charlieflint says:

    She is rather nice to look at and she digs cars for the right reasons,

  14. baylorz28 says:

    great car but this was a pretty lame video. only a few good bits of Info
    of how she actually REVIEWED the car in the real world, instead of just
    reading the Specs sheet. wish we actually saw it on a closed track for
    even a little bit

  15. Benjamin Lock says:

    Sexy girl n sexy car

  16. don schlegel says:

    The gage cluster is perfect

  17. Sinnie Lee says:

    wow, I’ve never ever considered Subaru car because of the design, very
    plain. BUT I have no idea that it is such a power house.

  18. 1955sherb says:

    I bought that exact same car in ’11 except in black and I love it! It’s a
    great car but sadly there was no Jessi Lang included in mine… Great girl
    describing a great car = the perfect world!!

  19. Michael Monk says:

    You yankee boys need to be aware that almost ALL anti-Americanism is based
    on jealousy.. therefore it seem obvious to me that putting Jessi Lang up
    the front.. will only make things worse. Ha ha..I want her!

  20. brow6075 says:

    Yeah, pretty terrible scripted review… The mpg is to be expected because
    of a turbo? No. The N/A gets like 3 mpg better, it’s the awd and larger
    flat 4. Plus what other cars of it’s kind go for better pricing??

  21. FishFingersNH says:

    Do you got a sex tape coming out?

  22. FishFingersNH says:

    I give the car 3. I gave her tits 9

  23. GSX-R600L1 says:

    Jessi is hot!

  24. GSX-R600L1 says:

    Jessi is hot!

  25. David Garza says:

    I like the gauge cluster it’s awesome >=-/ what is she talking about???

  26. Venki Kiven says:

    Cant wait to get mine!!! X)

  27. statorjso says:

    I would like a car like WRX STi, and a girlfriend like Jessi Lang

  28. DJ Nickson says:

    can you put a small mattress and sleep in this car if you are 5 7″?

  29. Willybear7575 says:

    She basically just read from the brochure while driving at about 30mph. Horrible review of a sport oriented car

  30. William van Noordt says:

    Dream car!

  31. rayner1704 says:

    I’m in love with her

  32. XK-RS GT 550 says:

    she called it a sedan, am so confused.

  33. apwid says:

    good review i’d only argue that the reason for poor mpg is not due to the turbo but inherent to the flat design of the engine and the awd system

  34. Beemerhead says:

    She is a looker but I think this car needs a more aggressive test drive or even a few minutes on a track. This is not the soccer mom version of the Impreza. I race against the older versions and they are kickass cars. I will also argue that for what you get in the WRX STI version that this is one of the very best cars in terms of performance dollar for dollar. I like Mini’s and a JCW is nearly the same price. This is an excellent double duty vehicle for work and track.

  35. Ernest herrera says:

    i <3 Jessi Lang!!!!

  36. Sun Woo Lex Kim says:

    No blonde jokes,,,?

  37. Jayden Zechner says:

    Honestly, you don’t seem like you deserve this car, if you can’t even spell correctly. This looks like irresponsibility to me.

  38. Evan Holmstrom says:

    Okay, assuming you have $16000 to cover your half of paying for an STI. Your turning 19, so under best case scenario you’ve graduated high school and are attending college. By good faith we’ll assume you’ve had your license since 16 y/o and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Minimum coverage and maximum deductible, your insurance would be $338 per month or about $4,000 per year. My final assumption is that you could afford college+1/2 an STi+$4000/ year insurance. What your driving style?

  39. Israel Marty says:

    Jessi Lang you’re awesome

  40. wizkid472 says:

    Yh im turning 19 next month i have my licensee n shit n i like this line of Subaru bit which year is better i dont want the 2014 version if i pay half parents match it and ive driven more powerful before so im not a noob thx in advance

  41. Chris Cary says:

    does the girl come with the car?

  42. iceman5815 says:

    OOHH my god she is so sexy and check out those curves. All the things I would do to her…just unimaginable. I would be honest and true to her always. I would never look at anybody else. I would take her out on those long drives and on the beach. I would keep her nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I would be a great listener. Oh…shit sorry I”m talking about the car.

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