2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder

With its direct-injected 3.4-liter flat-six, the 2011 Spyder produces 10 more horsepower than the Boxster S, and achieves a zero to sixty time of 4.6 seconds.

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594 Responses to “2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder”

  1. zuneluvr says:

    Those legs..

  2. headkiller109 says:

    Lol jessi ur funny

  3. Reneagade45 says:

    I want to see her box!

  4. ABTomahawK says:

    - Saw an attractive girl => Better make up a whore joke

  5. emancipation19 says:

    Poor Jessie..u must have been pulled over by jealous female cops lol

  6. MrTheTechdeckdork says:

    Porsche Boxster are the cheapest Porsche!!

  7. Hugh Shakeshaft says:

    That’s right. The best part about my Boxster is that I was able to pay cash it.

  8. Hugh Shakeshaft says:

    I just want to see her bare feet on the pedals.

  9. Hugh Shakeshaft says:

    How’d she get so many tickets? I greatly exceed the speed limit daily in my Boxster without a radar detector. How? Look way ahead down the road at all time and constantly monitor your rear view mirror. Slow down in areas where police can hide. At that point probabilities are reduced to encounters on sharp turns and hilltops on rural roads, low probability encounters.

  10. Hugh Shakeshaft says:

    That’s right, no payments baby!

  11. Hugh Shakeshaft says:

    Those feet!

  12. MrTheTechdeckdork says:

    but the 2011 Boxter is a beauty with out the top off.

  13. armswiolat says:

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  14. NZQ01 says:

    i wanna be with her in the trunk.. damn

  15. Delatimothyy says:

    i would wreck the fuck out of jessi

  16. Riddem79 says:

    You’re cute. And nice Porsche.

  17. Riddem79 says:

    You’re cute. And nice Porsche.

  18. Naveed Khan says:

    u to gud

  19. Jballa371 says:

    i got a ride for her to review right here ;) . btw i like how she was in the trunk at the end. gives me ideas :)

  20. SRTguy123 says:

    she also looks hot

  21. SRTguy123 says:

    she also looks hot

  22. piccininifireable says:

    So sexy…both Jesse and the Porsche!

  23. Douglas Hamner says:

    Thumbs up if you think anyone calling this a girls car is a tard!

  24. cadetxyevettet says:

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  25. Winston Granville says:

    Wow! Good review…definitely not a daily driver but awesome all the same.

  26. frenor0302 says:

    “…but you can get a proper paddle shifter..”


  27. airizonaforu says:

    Jessi I can hug you firmly

  28. MrTaduerr says:

    Loved your review Jessie – you always do a great job. It would be interesting to compare the performance of this car to the 2012 Black Edition Boxster S which has the same horsepower but does not have the 176 lbs in weight removed. I have a Black Edition Boxster S and I bet the performance is no different!

  29. PACKyourSHITfolks420 says:

    Such cute little toes

  30. Adrian Edwards says:


  31. kenbefound says:

    What a lot of fun, beautiful car and a beautiful woman, who could ask for anything more! BTW, thanx for another awesome review Jessi.

  32. Brandon Mulsanne says:

    Jessi Lang?? What happened to motor trend

  33. Brandon Mulsanne says:

    Jessi Lang?? What happened to motor trend

  34. Joe Diffy says:

    I got this car……as a toy hotwheel car. But i didn’t know the top was full of shit. I don’t want a car that is more trouble then good. The girl talks like she’s out of breath, or is that just her voice?
    She ‘s out of breath probably cuz she’s super short tempered….like, Get out of my way bitches, i drive a crap car.

  35. Shadman Hye says:

    2011 Porsche Boxter Spyder

  36. Rick schiffer says:

    Wow a lot of foot fetish going on here… I don’t even want to start about the trunk.

  37. M45Sebring says:

    I wish I could give her a baby zebra to go along with the black car,

  38. Jonathon Werner says:

    she said proper paddle shift, in a porsche…

  39. sanketanchan says:

    I’d imagine it’d be relatively straigtforward for Jessi to walk herself out
    of a ticket!

  40. Joe Ray says:

    I had trouble concentrating on the car…

  41. jeff rosenberg says:

    I drove this car all week ! best car ever drove ! better then a lambo
    gallardo or a z06 vette. and way more fun

  42. jeff rosenberg says:

    mega hot and luvs fast cars. what more can you ask for !

  43. Clint Roberts says:

    Jessi quit getting into the trunks, somebody might get the wrong idea.

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