2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

With a 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC intercooled and turbocharged engine that delivers 237 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque, the Ralliart is a welcomed addition to the Lancer family.

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  1. daniel moran says:


  2. Bieberhole69 says:

    The ralliart i just purchased at a local dealership seems to have the
    “lancer ralliart” letters missing from the back. However it does have every
    other feature a ralliart has. Is this a fraud?

  3. albboy96 says:

    where i live, i can get a used one for 15000$ nd 123k kms, but what i dont
    have is the money :(

  4. Fernando Dominguez says:

    Tits or GTFO!!

  5. JnoPrds says:

    horrible review. it’s obvious she knew nothing about the car… just
    reading a script.

  6. uSee218 says:

    show us your tits!

  7. 2002champ13 says:

    Ms3 is the way to go

  8. Matthew Troise says:

    @nathan calk- Cobb accessport- lincludes launch control and a fistful of
    other tuning goodies, like changing the entire ECU restrictions

  9. Matthew Troise says:

    Braden- used cars don’t have waranties if something breaks on you the
    dealer is gioin to tell you to gtfo. Anything modified/molested- run from
    it. The only way you even have a chance of getting th to fix/ replace
    something is going through the hassle of a lawyer/ lemon law act. And the
    dealers/manufacturers have a team of high paid lawyers

  10. Matthew Troise says:

    @ Braden riki no. Dealers don’t give it a give a fuck. I’ve had a brand new
    car have an engine knock at 3000mi, and guess what they wouldn’t cover it,
    and the car was bone stock. Car dealers are lying scheisters that don’t
    know dick about cars/mechanical engineering. They will tell you whatever
    you want to hear to get you to buy it

  11. Matthew Troise says:

    11+ subaru wrx is way better, Better chasis, suspension, awd, boxer rumble,
    UEl headers, wide body, red stitched interior. When tuned to stage 2 it’s
    like a whole different car. I have Sti short shift in mine and it’s
    awesome, I love my wrx.

  12. nathancarlk says:

    The new(2013-2014) evo MR(NOT GSR) is less horsepower and faster 1/4 mile
    time than the same model year STI, simple because of the launch control
    offered by the SST.

  13. fromocean2gulf says:

    Really hot sexy chick wooow!!!!

  14. 2011wrxswp says:

    In 2011 I test drove a new ralliart and a new WRX back to back. I was dead
    set on a ralliart before the drive but ended up with the 2011 WRX. Stock
    for stock there is a huge performance difference. WRX felt better in every
    way except the comfort and ease of the sst trans.

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