2011 Infiniti QX56

I had the pleasure of spending the week in Bluegrass Country to be among the first to get an in-depth look at the 2011 Infiniti QX56.  It has all new handling technologies, five-star luxury features, and a unique exterior that people seem to love or hate.  I’m with the lovers.

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  2. 09infintig37x says:

    She’s has the best review of the QX so far

  3. yougotservedyo says:

    sexy inside voice

  4. Vitaliy Karpenko says:

    Damn shes hella hot i want her telephone number.

  5. EllePatrice1 says:

    Dang 14mpgs… almost had me

  6. Terrance Anderson says:

    Hello World

  7. Ian Wehba says:

    Hay it’s Jessie from motor trend!

  8. Hussain Sharrofna says:

    She looks like a midget beside the car

  9. Aston McClellan says:

    I like her.

  10. Joseph T says:

    please keep makung viedos, your viedos are great.

  11. vdelrio999 says:


  12. TheGodfatherSahil12 says:


  13. vdelrio999 says:

    I think you forgot to mention the fuel economy.

  14. usedinfinitis says:

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  15. romefox says:

    She is hot

  16. MisterSchmengie says:

    The thought of some spoiled girlie soccer mom who can’t see over the dashboard or even over the window sills that loom higher than her shoulders driving one of these in-your-face behemoths in traffic scares the hell out of me.

  17. muiscnight says:

    I see soccer moms rolling around in this in my area all day

  18. howsefdelorset says:

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  19. enonzero says:

    id like to be that qx for you to sit on.

  20. Dave Jimenez says:

    this suv reminds me the car homer simpson designed a long time ago. disproportionate and ugly

  21. eatpeople420 says:

    Wow! She cool, great host. Knowledgable and mellow

  22. aky19832001 says:

    I was tempted to say for that type of money id rather buy a jeep srt8. But this car cant be compared because its targeting different custimer base. This suv would definitely hold its value

  23. vellatfrisonh says:

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  24. hazzard3456 says:

    Hot ass SUV bitches

  25. slayerfan888 says:

    I think she is not so small. Car is gigantic

  26. thenikonguru says:

    looks like a boot

  27. Dzmitry Naumovich says:

    nice girl :-)

  28. Reneagade45 says:

    We could put the back seat down and I could take you for a test drive…

  29. ernie lohan says:

    2:22 illuminati ;O!!! lmao

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