2011 Honda CR-Z

Meet the 2011 Honda CR-Z Gasoline Electric hybrid– the first hybrid equipped with a manual 6-speed transmission.  For that alone, it earned my respect.
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  1. AladdinSaneNYC says:

    Jessi Lang is a beautiful woman, and her review is complete and detailed.
    Bravo, Ms. Lang!

  2. KeybladeHero01 says:

    Never knew bell bottoms are still in style.

  3. Jay Bosslingo says:

    I want one so bad

  4. Charles Chisom says:

    I’m sure she’ll be thinking about that the next time she does a CAR REVIEW?
    She’s not there to look good for you lol…

    Trolling is so annoying.

  5. kenbefound says:

    Jessi is awesome! I always enjoy her reviews and could listen to her all day.

  6. diesel vegas says:

    omg lol!!!!! she must’ve not gotten the memo about those hideous bellbottom jeans being out of style about oh…..40 years ago hahahah….omg i’m dying laughing…..fail fail fail

  7. Jen S. says:

    Yes, it has regenerative braking, it even has a little bar graph that shows how properly you’re balancing regenerative braking and pedal braking. I’ve driven three CR-Zs, and it’s a great-driving car, lots of fun.

  8. daniel55645 says:

    i was just messin, but i have no need for them but yet both my cars have back seats

  9. SSC3034 says:

    people with CVT model say they get 50 MPG and people with the manual say they get 40 MPG

  10. SSC3034 says:

    if you can find one

  11. flipxalex says:

    i totally forgot that jessi was on roadfly ..now shes on motor trend

  12. klutchtls says:

    I’ve got plenty of in put for you

  13. chewpaeng12 says:

    I can pop her in .05 sec!

  14. bchreng says:

    The Mustang with the revised V6? or the revised V8? What sort of mileage are you getting with it?

  15. abadiqaisy123 says:

    and does the girl come with the offer ? :p

  16. KinaRevolution says:

    i have been driving a mustang for 3 years and it is killing me on gas. I am either going for a prius or crz next year…. But so far I like the Crz a lot because of the sporty look

  17. Christopher Waldo says:


  18. rollipolli4 says:

    Does it have regenerative braking?

  19. Randy Seck says:

    See here is a car with a 7 speed auto, I dont get why my VW doesnt have a 7th gear, its stupid to be a 2000 rpm on the high way when I know it can cruise at 1200!

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