2011 Ford Mustang GT

For 2011, the Ford Mustang GT gets increased horsepower and torque. With its updated aluminum 5.0-liter V8 engine, now with 4 cams and 32 valves, it produces 87 more horsepower and gets better mileage. YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Alexandermovies says:

    Gloves in the winter, hahahahaha, serious, the problem is when its 115
    degrees outside and you blister your hand in the summer. She must live in
    northern Alaska. Also, the stereo? its 500 watts. I’ve never had a
    problem with it, its crazy loud. I don’t need 1000 watts. Thats more
    than enough to play a club. geez. These are the lamest gripes ever.

  2. Wooley689 says:

    I thought the review was good and informative and gave me insight into the
    Mustang the others have left out. Guess I’ll have to look at some on

  3. 1234zcrom says:

    Seems like Ford loans the same blue test car to the reviewers…. so if you
    don’t like blue – super bright blue – than you will probably not like the

  4. brandon chisum says:


  5. studadgte says:

    Standard brakes on the GT work fine. Camaro needs Brembo’s because it weighs close to 4000lbs.

  6. studadgte says:

    No Brembo’s in a fat ass Camaro means no stopping.

  7. studadgte says:

    Without Brembo’s, the fat ass Camaro wouldn’t stop.

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