2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

I recently returned from Napa Valley, California, where I enjoyed a first-hand look at the all new 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe. With its 304 horsepower, 3.6 liter direct-injection V6, I was eager to take it on a test drive.

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622 Responses to “2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe”

  1. Gus Galvis says:

    Does it come with a chauffeur like you??

  2. slowindustrial says:

    Which one would you rather have jessi or the cadillac?

  3. George Grasser says:

    It’s not gorgeous. It is odd looking.

  4. Nightbird says:

    Go look at Cadillac’s horrible repair & reliability history..and you will see it is no bargain. They are nice when new..but then break down quickly. This is why they depreciate so quickly compared to Jap cars. Not to mention more than one reviewer has remarked how cheap the interior of this car is, the materials, and how they break down. Anything Japanese is better than this thing, unless you don’t mind trading it in every 2 years.

  5. ahdnaji says:

    There is not more than a 10k difference between the Caddy and the Altima. Not to say that the Altima is just as good but damn that Caddy is a bargain!

  6. Ray Torres says:

    This is the one I want..slightly different from the others

  7. Winston Granville says:

    Good review…..I may consider the cts

  8. jjt1234 says:

    Good Review Thks. Didn’t really know much about the car till I watched your excellent review.

  9. bart gregory says:

    Yee hah!!!

  10. bart gregory says:


  11. TheDemoarchive says:

    who cares what it looks like, it’s an American production sports car with an AWD option, which was long overdue

  12. David H. says:

    To hell with that car ! I think Jessi is a pretty smokin ride !!

  13. STACKDEM100S says:

    your probably a loser

  14. STACKDEM100S says:

    im 22 and i have this its a pussy magent


    45 year old single men drive this car. the car is a loser for losers. buy a honda!

  16. fugernut says:

    Just bought this car. Don’t remember seeing a hot girl in the back seat or trunk when leaving the dealership. Maybe that’s another option for the car :-/

  17. mbrwn25 says:

    love the girl, hate the car.

  18. David Ross says:

    Jessi likes the stick. i’ll bet she does.

  19. Randy Seck says:

    “a much more sportier”…guuuuuuurrrrrrrllllllll…..

  20. tbzeking says:

    So you like hard sticks ?

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