2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Energetic and eager to please, the GTI transformed my daily commute into something I looked forward to. YouTube: Jessi Lang Reviews the 2010 Volkswagen GTI

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  1. DavEnzoF1 says:

    I have a 2012, 4dr, 6 spd manual, cloth seats and I love it. I nick-named
    it the GTI-WING Fighter.
    This is how much I love the car. I had surgery where I’m healing AND
    walking around like a sumo wrestler for over a week now. I couldn’t take
    NOT driving the GTI-Wing Fighter anymore and gingerly got in the car,
    arranged my *whistling* so I could shift without pain, and drove for about
    30 minutes before heading home.
    That’s how much I love my car,

  2. ryley92 says:

    you need to invent in a radar detector because you don’t know how fast you’re going? look down…

  3. MoreFansForYou says:

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  4. johnmason168 says:

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  5. kokopievino says:

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  6. viernes808 says:

    They let the engine bay get so dirty

  7. musicofficerecords says:

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  8. videohost199 says:

    Fuck US. All curs costs less money.

  9. videohost199 says:

    Fuck you. She looks shitty and nobody know her except you, baster.

  10. airizonaforu says:

    Eager to plz and I like that. I like it to!

  11. VQSeries says:

    WTF, I didn’t realize Jessi Lang used to work for RoadflyTV… Interesting!

  12. VQSeries says:

    @ 1:20 Clean that engine bay!

  13. Richard Martin says:

    I bought this car 3 weeks ago. Great car it’s all you want from a hot hatchback! The RNS 510 is a fantastic media system! And the sound is great even without the dynaudio option. Not everything can be wonderful though, the seats can be fairly uncomfortable around the leg area when stuck in traffic as it hasn’t got adjustable, but not a big deal. The next thing is LED DRL are a expensive option and considering most cars now have these as standard! Perhaps £20k+ golf should?

  14. Smillster says:

    46 feet of trunk room with the back seats down!? lmao

  15. hedyuminarikz says:

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  16. john cadalen says:

    woah!! jesus christ the fucking car looks bigger than the lady at the end xD

  17. hfheuhjd says:


  18. MrEmperor79 says:

    A female car reviewer. Ha ha ha

  19. George Gate says:

    i am in love

  20. hotmike1978 says:


  21. Steve Wilson says:

    I bet she’s eager to please!

  22. trykkermike says:

    hehe, she’s really small :)

  23. calpitoc says:

    Oh snap it’s Jessi, she’s bigtime now at Motortrend.

  24. hodakhtarshad says:

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  25. MemoryLaneCinema says:

    what the fuck did you do to the engine. dirty as hell. And BY THE WAY. It has 210 hp. Do your feaking research.

  26. 97gs500e says:

    my stick will give you just the right amount of resistance :-p

  27. Killa2daMax says:

    Lol at how close she sits.

  28. albinorhinoism says:

    Did they feed a flock of pigeons beans and let them live under the hood for a day?

  29. AuralEscape says:

    What an interesting and original comment!

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