2010 Subaru Legacy GT

Quick off the line with a revised four-cylinder Boxer turbo, the 2010 Legacy GT handles well and delivers a fantastic value for the money.  I think it’s a bit underrated and will convince you, in just one test drive, that it deserves recognition in the competitive mid-size sedan market.

604 Responses to “2010 Subaru Legacy GT”

  1. symawd says:

    Anyone else notice the video is flipped at :15?

  2. TheInvstg8r says:

    Beyond the good looks of Jessie, she blows away the competition. There’s other reviewers who don’t even know the cars (ie: Dave at Everyday Driver). The GT is a great car and she explains it well. The internet is chockful of bad car reviewers.

  3. Blong Thao says:

    shes either tiny or the car is huge

  4. tom goat says:

    haahahaaha so not funny

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